Paying Attention Affirmation

May This Affirmation Bring You Comfort

Going The Extra Mile

One way for me to ensure my success in life is to practice the "Art of Going The Extra Mile".  I render more service than is expected of me with a pleasant attitude in my work and family life to create goodwill.  It is possible for me to create a peaceful environment for myself to live in by giving my full attention to what I am doing in the moment.  Each person I meet is going through some kind of emotional event.  I choose to pay attention to the energy the people I meet are exuding.  I have an opportunity to soothe each person I meet with kindness.
I ask meaningful questions and then give the speaker my full attention so that the person has the best chance of feeling heard.  I focus on the task at hand because whether I am cleaning my home or flying a plane my full attention is needed for each moment to flow.  Being present to the emotional temperature of every situation in my life helps me Go The Extra Mile.  
Caring about what I am doing makes my life meaningful.  Taking pride in my actions puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face.  My actions matter!  My thoughts matter!  I am a powerful co-creator of my future!  I am keenly aware of how important it is for me to care about what I do.  I choose to care for the welfare of all life.  
I am an attentive child of Universal Love and Universal Love is delighted when I give my all to each situation & person. :~)
May this affirmation bring you comfort. :~)

Being Helpful Affirmation

In order for me to fulfill my commitment to being a good friend, I choose to be helpful to my loved ones.  I do my best to help them move or take care of their children when they go on a mental health day.  When I am helpful to others it feels as if I am building good karma.  I feel good when I see the smiles on the face of my friend as we finish the final touches of painting in her repaired kitchen.  
Being helpful is just one way I contribute to the well being of the world as a way to repay for all the care I have received from the world.  I am alive!  I have an opportunity to create a better world by being a warm-hearted, easy-going person.  One way I can be helpful to everyone I meet is by practicing patience.  While I am on hold I imagine myself on a beach in the sun and before I know it I am being helped by a friendly customer service person.  There are so many ways for me to be patient I make being patient a game.  When I am standing in line I sing to the music or start a conversation with the person behind me.  I can even help other people be patient by telling a funny joke or asking what they love to do.
Each time I lend a hand to another my heart swells with a heartfelt connection.  I am capable.  I am contributing to the welfare of others so that I live in a cooperative and compassionate world.  
I am a necessary child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels helped when I help the people of my world.  :~)
May this affirmation bring you comfort. :~)

Eating Well Affirmation

My body is depending on me to take care of my body.  My body is like my child.  My body needs me to feed my body whole fruits and vegetables grown by farmers who nurture the soil with animal poo.  My stomach is counting on me to eat fermented foods that strengthen my gut microbiome.  Every cell of my body needs minerals, vitamins, fat, & protein.  It is up to me to listen to my body so that I find the proper combination of foods to eat so that MY body can thrive.  How do I feel after I eat meat?  How do I feel after I eat pasta or grains?  My body communicates to me by farting, burping, getting a headache, getting a stomach ache or feel satisfied after a meal.  
When I eat what my entire body wants me to eat I sleep well, feel well, and function well.  It is empowering to see my body respond with vibrant health and energy when I eat a big salad and some high quality protein.  The only drink my body needs me to drink is pure water.  Water is the only substance that every creature on the planet needs to drink.  I practice watering myself by drinking one to two quarts of purified water a day.  
Water is the great purifier.  Every cell in by body needs to have a bath in water every day.  My body gifts me with radiant health when I pay attention to what I eat & drink.
I am a well child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels content when I nourish every cell of my being.  :~)
May this Affirmation bring you comfort. :~)

Friendly Relationships Affirmation

There is an opportunity today for me to cultivate friendships.  I could meet a new friend when I am taking a walk, shopping in the grocery store, while I am at work, or even when I am taking out the trash.  It is important to my heart & spirit that I create wholesome friendships based on honesty, kindness, & openheartedness.  I embrace each encounter as sacred.  I need every person on this planet and every person on this planet needs me.  I am 99.9% the same as every person on earth right now.  That is why it is fun to get to befriend as many other humans as possible while I am breathing.
I practice looking at how everyone I meet is similar to me.  I realize that most people just want to feel safe.  I listen to the people I meet with my ears, heart, and intuition.  Creating healthy relationships takes commitment and compassion.  I choose to be helpful to the people in my life so that I am being a good friend.  By being the best friend I can be I am doing my best to create karma that draws to me friends that care for my well-being as I care for my friends.
Investing my time in caring for my friends brings me a sense of security that comes from having a healthy support network.  I choose people who choose me.  
I am an openhearted child of Universal Love & Universal Love feels safe when I build healthy relationships.  :~)
May this affirmation bring you comfort. :~)

Creating Abundance Affirmation

Today I do my best to create abundance in my life in interesting and fulfilling ways. In order to draw abundance to me, I must feel worthy of being abundant. So to feel worthy I choose to be honest. I allow all good to come to me by being generous with the people in my life. I get what I give so I give my best. I listen to my coworkers and my boss so that I am able to contribute to a cooperative work environment. I practice enjoying my job whether I work on a chicken farm harvesting eggs or I am the star of a rock and roll band.

The more I am able to focus on what I can offer my job, my family, my community, and my world the more relaxed I am. My needs seem to take care of themselves when I do the next right thing. I pay my bills on time. I spend time volunteering with people who inspire me that way I feel inspired. Making sure I am investing in my self-respect helps me create abundance because I actually like myself.

Visualizing my needs being met easily and right on time also helps relax every cell of my body and is way more fun than worrying. The only aspect of life I can hope to control is my response to life. I respond to life as if I am cared for, respected, calm, and abundant. I am enough.

I am a worthy child of Universal Love and Universal Love is thrilled to answer my abundant vibe with abundance.


May this “Visualizing My Future Affirmation” bring you comfort. :~)

Humans are creative by nature so that means that at my core I am a creative being.  It is up to me to discover what I am meant to create in this world.  The world needs my talent.  I perfect my skills so that I am proud of my work.  My future is in my capable hands when I take personal responsibility for my life.  
Every morning I spend five to ten minutes visualizing my perfect life.  I forget about the life I have and just dream about my passion.  I imagine myself accomplishing my goals.  I do my best to create the emotions in my heart that I would really be feeling when my dreams come true.  I imagine what my dream life would look like, taste like, feel like, sound like, and smell like.  By making a clear mental image of my future I am able to communicate my hopes to Universal Love and my angels so they are able to assist me in accomplishing my dreams.
Then when I rise in the morning I take concrete action in the direction of my intentions.  My heart feels delight as I do my taxes, wash the windows, write my next book, cure my next client, fix the next car, or play the next song.  In my future I am happy and content so today I practice being happy and content in this moment.  My heart swells with contentment as I accomplish my goals.
I am a responsible child of Universal Love and Universal Love created me to be creative.  :~)  delighted


May this “Finding Calmness Affirmation bring you comfort. :~)

Today it is my goal to be calm.  In order for me to be calm, my heart, mind, and spirit all need to agree.  When I make a decision I make sure and consult my heart, mind, and spirit so that I will be calm as my choice unfolds.  It is easy for me to feel secure in my choices because I took my time in deciding what was most important for every cell in my body.  
I trust myself to invest in behaviors that bring me comfy feelings.  Taking a few minutes anytime I feel my jaw clench or my stomach wrench to breathe deeply gives me an immediate sense of ease.  Having the will to calm my troubled mind ignites my sense of power.  I have power over myself, what a gift I have earned.  Whatever happens, I realize that emotionally I am gonna be ok. I have the ability to comfort myself.  I listen to my intuition. 
Having the ability to find my peaceful place no matter what is going on in the outside world is my superpower.  I know deep in my heart that I am a being of light so there is really nothing in the physical world that can touch my light.  I practice calmly shining my light by being content on planet earth even though there are wars.  As long as I am choosing to be loving and calm there will be love and calmness in my world.  I visualize myself emitting love for every heart to absorb & I feel peace extend back to me.
I am a peaceful child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels serene when I am emitting calmness.


May this “Building My Family Affirmation” bring you comfort. :~)

As I grow and meet new people some of the people will connect with me at a heartfelt level and some will not.  It is up to me to discern who is healthy for me to be with.  I am in charge of who picks my friends.  I listen to how the people in my life talk to each other and I do my best to spend time with people who are capable of speaking respectfully and compassionately about others.  I use my five senses to pick people who are compatible with me.
When I leave my friends I feel uplifted, heard, and cared for.  It is a wonderful reward to have such good friends.  Since I have been practicing being a good friend for years my karma is coming back and I am receiving the best friends I have ever had in my life.  
Because my journey to love myself has changed some of my points of view my family members sometimes have trouble with my choices.  I have a chance with every person I meet to increase the size of my family if that person resonates with my heart.  I can invite friends over for dinner and meditation or meditation and music.   Everyone on planet earth needs a friend so by me being a friend I receive a new friend.  Having discernment to know who is healthy for me and who is good for me to leave alone was a great lesson to have learned.
I am an openhearted child of Universal Love and Universal Love guides me to my perfect family.  :~)


Befriending My Emotions Affirmation

My emotions were created by whoever created me.  My emotions help me navigate the physical world.  It is up to me to pay attention to my emotions.  I trust that my emotions are receiving electromagnetic information from the heart of everyone I meet.  When I meet a new person I listen to how my emotions feel; am I relaxed around this person, do I feel empowered by them, does my stomach get a knot, does my skin crawl.  I notice how I feel in every situation and then I make a decision that is in my best interest.
My emotions let me know when I need to take time for me to rest because I will start to feel grumpy.  My emotions let me know when I need to connect with a friend who loves me because I will feel lonely.  My emotions let my know when I have met a person I am interested in by boosting my energy levels when I am around that person.  The more I get use to connecting with my emotions the happier I feel.  I can even think empowering thoughts that gift me with empowering emotions.  
I choose to be the boss of my emotions.  I decide how I am going to feel.  I focus on how much joy, compassion, and kindness I can contribute to my life and my emotions feel light, confident, and content.  
I am an emotional child of Universal Love and Universal Love feels happy when I befriend my emotions.  :~)
Here is a link to a book from that explains how our hearts connect through the electromagnetic energy each heart emits.
May this affirmation bring you comfort.

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