Today’s Affirmation HIH #308 Loving My Anxiety

Today I choose to look at my anxiety in a new light. Since I live on planet earth where things happen that are beyond my control it is logical that once in a while I will feel anxious. The next time I feel anxious it shall be my pleasure to comfort myself with my wise intuitive heart. Everyone gets scared, when my fears are shared with a trusted friend my heart comfort.


Today’s Affirmation HIH #307

What makes me happy is food with just one or few ingredients. Since 1994 one of my motto’s has been to eat only things with pronounceable names like apples, cabbage, dill, steak, fish, pork and daikon. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for nourishing your beautiful body with food that Mother Nature grew. I Love YOU! ❤ :~)


Today’s Affirmation HIH #306 Meditation Monday HeartMath

Meditating is one time tested way to increase the happiness we experience. It is up to us to spend time actually doing what we know is good for us. We are our own best ally. We have the chance to invest in our wellness each day by spending time in silence being still. Focusing on our heart as we meditate increases our coherence.

Today’s Affirmation HIH #305 Collagen Keeps Me Sexy

In order to feel sexy we need to be flexible, healthy and supple. Collagen is a building block of our bones, muscles, skin and gut lining. By caring for the essential nutrients of our bodies our sex lives are cared for as well. In order to have ample sexual energy it is vital to feel healthy, relaxed and loved wholeheartedly. Gelatin is just one way to get collagen in our bodies. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for caring for your sexy skin with collagen. Blessings, I Love YOU! ❤ :~)


Today’s Affirmation HIH #304 Responsible Co-Creating

Each of us is responsible for creating a better world. It seems to me the best way to make a healthier world is to be loving, accepting and kind. It is up to me to realize that we are energy incarnate. Focusing on what we can contribute keeps us feeling empowered. Every thought we have creates our futures. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for thinking constructive loving thoughts and emitting emotions of compassion. I Love YOU! ❤ :~)


Today’s Affirmation HIH #303 Heavenly HeartMath

Getting to be a part of the #HeartMath​ #Mentorship​ program is a dream come true. The book #HeartIntelligence​ from HeartMath has so many concepts that resonate with my heart and spirit. The idea that we can effect the world with our focused heart energy. That we are responsible for the emotional energy we emit from our heart every moment of the day. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for listening to your amazing heart! :~) ❤


Today’s Affirmation HIH #302 What’s In It Wednesday, Coffee Replacement

For What’s In It Wednesday let us talk about Coffee Replacements. Coffee now longer makes my body happy. My body gets jittery, my stomach feels yucky and my sleep is restless. So I discovered the yummiest drink to replace the coffee and still tantalize my taste buds.

My favourite drink is something my heart calls Calming Coffee because it is dark brown like coffee, a bit bitter and a bit sweet from the carob powder. It warms my mornings and gifts me with calming energy.

What do you love to drink?


Today’s Affirmation HIH #301 Nourishing The Quantum Field

Every thought we think and emotion we emote travels through out the entire Universe and Quantum Field. It is important that we nourish the Quantum Field with forethought, compassion and wholehearted love. It is up to us to consciously think constructive, accepting and supportive thoughts while doing our best to stay heart focused emoting calmness and gratitude. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for emoting joy, love and gratitude into the Quantum Field today. I Love YOU!


Today’s Affirmation HIH #300 Feeding The Field Meditation

Today please join me in meditating on the energy each of us is exuding into the quantum energy field. It is important that each person on earth emits feelings of kindness, compassion and acceptance. As each of us takes responsibility for our emotional vibe our collective consciousness relaxes and nurtures us all. Thank you Happiness Enhancers for Feeding The Quantum Field Wholehearted Love. You Rock ❤ :~)


Today’s Affirmation HIH #299 Good Posture For Better Sex

When we stand up straight we feel empowered, confident and sexy. It is up to each of us to present ourselves to the bedroom with our heads held high. As we increase our stature by standing tall every cell of our body feels attractive. It is fun to improve my self image by being erect.


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