Our Water Distiller

Woo Hoo! This is an image of our new water distiller! It feels soothing to drink distilled water!

It has been a dream in our family to get a water distiller. So last week Robert went to Triangle Health Products store in Victoria, BC. Here is a link to the exact water distiller we purchased at Triangle. https://www.trianglehealing.com/household-items/water-treatment/distillers/megahome-water-distiller-white-enamel-glass-carafe.html

Distilling water is a great way to rid the water we drink of impurities. Distilled water is water that has been transformed. As water is liquid, then the distiller boils the water to create steam (a true transformation) then the distiller turns the steam back to water (transformed once again)! It feels refreshing to my body, the crisp clean feeling and taste of distilled water. The best way to care for my body is to make sure the water my body absorbs is of the highest quality. Tap water has many impurities and then there are many more chemicals added to make sure the water is potable. 

Here is a link that speaks to the toxins in just one city in Canada, Victoria, BC where some of the chemicals put in the water are bleach and ammonia. https://www.trianglehealing.com/index.php/vic_drinking_water/?___store=default 

It makes me wonder what all the bleach, ammonia and other chemicals do to our microbiome? I would love to hear your ideas on this topic. 

It is my goal to provide links and facts to all that I report here. 

Blessings, Thank you for being here with me today. I Love YOU!


Water Fasting for Wellness

It is my pleasure to be planning 10 to 12 day water fast starting on Nov. 4th, 2019 and going until Nov. 13th or 15th depending on how I am feeling. On Sept. 16th I started a one-year water fasting routine based on how Gandhi lived. Gandhi fasted one day every week and he would also pick a time to do a 10 day fast. When Gandhi was assassinated at the age of 70 his metabolic age was in his 30’s. How cool is that! That is my goal to care for my meat suit and grow old gracefully!

It is my belief that water fasting is the finest way to improve our health. The video in this link speaks about the benefits of water fasting. https://www.gaia.com/video/fasting-self-healing-dr-edward-group-dc?fullplayer=feature

Dr. Edward Group is interested in the healing benefits of water fasting and in the video from Gaia.com he shares some of his research. The most fascinating part of this interview for me was when Dr. Group stated that after 72 hours of water fasting our bodies start producing new stem cells. Stem cells can repair every part of our body. So by giving our digestion a vacation our bodies are able to do important healing work of making stem cells. It costs thousands of dollars to get stem cells injected into our bodies!

How great we can get them for free by water fasting! I Love that! :~)

To the best of my ability my water fasting journey will be posted here. There are a few things to do to prepare for extended water fast. And it is my pleasure to note that during my water fast it is my passion to be able to drink distilled water from our own personal water distiller. Distilled water is how nature intended it to be. The water is in the liquid state, then boiled to create steam, a gaseous state and then the steam is cooled, turning the steam back into liquid water for me to drink.

Since it was a goal of mine to get some stem cells injected into my body to repair me it feels like a win/win situation to allow my body to create stem cells in the perfect way for my body to heal itself.

If you would like to join me my Water Fasting For Wellness starting Nov. 4th please email me at happinessishealthy@gmail.com

In tomorrows post it will be my delight to describe what is left in the water distiller after all the water is boiled off.

Breaking My 24 Hour Water Fast

I love water fasting and breaking the fast is really important. To end a fast well we must eat fresh organic fruit or vegetables. I love to nourish my body with whole foods. Thank you for being here today. Have you ever water fasted? I would love to hear your story. I got this apple at the local Duncan Farmers Market, in Duncan, BC. Blessings,

Manifestation Monday, Manifesting Health

Manifesting my health is empowering!

It is my pleasure to explore ideas that improve health. My goal for the next year is to water fast every Monday. Then at some point in the year it will be my joy to do a water fast for 10 days. Let me know if you want to water fast with me sometime. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Blessings,


Sexy Sunday, Caressing Yourself Is Healthy!

Sexy Sunday Caressing Yourself

Sexy Sunday, Caressing Yourself creates happiness! Learn what makes you feel good by touching yourself. Then you can share what you like with the one you love and share your body with. Blessings,


Collagen Makes Me Happy

Collagen Is Healing

Including Collagen in my diet daily is helping my entire body. Collagen is protein found throught the body in all the connective tissue, skin, hair and tendons.

Using tried and true methods of self healing are rewarding. Seeing my hair get stronger, my skin get smoother and my finger nails get thicker inspires my to keep on caring for myself with healthy food and a few supplements.

Some links to learn more about the benefits of collagen.



Here is some info on the magnesium that I use and love https://naturalcalm.ca/ Natural Calms is something else I consume daily because it helps me sleep better. :~)

Manifestation Monday

Manifesting my future empowers my heart and spirit. :~)

#manifestation#monday Manifesting my dreams is as easy as #visualizing, #havingfaith and saying #ThankYou! What are you consciously manifesting right now with your thoughts and emotions? Blessings, I Love You!


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