Affirmation, Gratitude and Healing

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am a helper/healer from way back. I can remember giving my dad back rubs when I was only like five years old, going to the reflexologist Mr. Thurston when I was a teenager and being totally focused on his calm presence, the movements me made with his hands and the wise words that spilled out of his lips and into my thirsty ears. I received my first positive thinking book from Mr. Thurston called “Working With The Law” here is a link to a PDF of the entire book if you are interested in checking out the first book that inspired me on my journey of cheering up the planet.
I am blessed to have been introduced to the Laws of the Universe in my teenage years and my thirst to live every day from innocence guides me to practice wonder, curiosity and trust that all is well, in my world because the sun came up today.


Today I am grateful for my ability to go with the flow, to be thankful when I receive something I have been wanting and to be thankful when I give it to the trash bin after it gets broken for the service it rendered me, for the feedback I have received from my Happiness Heals Pilot project where I have been sending personalized affirmations to people for 2 years at the beginning of February 2014 as the confidence I have earned is phenomenal and for allowing abundance into my life, by being appreciative for all the gifts I have already received, knowing that I am creating the future I want with every word I write. Thank you for receiving my loving words, intention and stories. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I Love You.  :~)

a sketch created by to remind us of how to find our inner light.  :~)

connecting to source energy is easiest when I close my eyes to the world.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Contentment

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) know that to have happy wrinkles on my face, my thoughts must be constructive, my emotions tempered with patience and my actions sprinkled with productivity so that at the end of each day I float into bed on a cloud of contentment. I love that I am in charge of my emotional experience, that I get to choose how I feel about everything, so I hone my emotional muscles with persistence, patience and perceptions that increase my emotional fortitude. My ability to see the innocence in every heart is increased each time I witness my own innocent heart, only wanting to be loved. I embrace every emotion as if it were my favourite emotional state and then as the waves of turbulent feelings cross my psyche I am soothed to know that every human heart gets to experience exactly what I experience, just at different times, which instills a sense of calm at my core.


Today I am grateful for my ability to be thankful for everything, my skill to be adaptable is a gift which allows me to stay calm, observe the big picture and trust that I am right where I ought to be every moment of the day, for being in tune with the fact that I am creating new opportunities, so that when the new possibilities arise that I am creating, I am comfortable with the changes I am bringing on myself, then I am able to thrive and for visualizing myself in new situations which challenge me, causing me to expand and helping me to accomplish my goal of cheering up the planet. Thank you for incarnating to feel today. Thank you for sharing your emotional adventure with me. I Love You.  :~)

a colourful image of a pink guitar in a well lite room with an open window leading to the beach and a bottle of wine to share with friends.

Music reminds me to accept the changes that the physical reality brings to me. :~)

I’ll Never Shampoo My Hair Again, EVER. (Seriously!)

I too am done with shampoo! I love baking soda and vinegar to clean my hair. :~)

This Above All...

(It had been 6 weeks since I shampooed my hair when I took this picture!)
(**EDITED 8/12/14) This past year I have been in the process of weeding out the chemicals in my life. The kind of unnecessary chemicals that are in cleaning products, skincare, hair care, makeup, non-organic produce, and so forth. I’ve chosen to do this partially to lessen my carbon footprint, and mostly for my personal health and well-being. Not to mention it’s cheaper!
Along the way I stopped using shampoo and conditioner. This may sound weird for some, or even “gross”, but I swear to you that it isn’t. I’m excited enough about it that I want to write a post to explain why you might want to give it a try too!
I came across this concept, that has been known as the “No Poo” movement, while reading online. I don’t personally like to call…

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Affirmation, Gratitude and Intuition

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) choose to be kind today. I look for ways to befriend the people who cross my path as if I have known them forever, as my DNA is 99.9% the same as everyone I meet. I seek the similarities between me and everyone I greet, knowing intuitively that everyone I meet just wants to be loved. I realize that to create a peaceful world the best place to start is in my own human heart, so today when I feel a bit of stress or frustration, I pause to find the cause of my mess, then I fill my lungs with a few deep breaths, realizing that this too shall pass, which brings a calmness to my spirit and allows me to handle my emotions about the situation with ease. The more I practice being kind, patient and easy going the easier it is, so today I exercise my emotional muscles with compassion, equanimity and acceptance which creates in me a sense of tranquility.

Today I am grateful for the lovely weather we had on Vancouver Island all weekend, as I took a walk on Sunday with Robert to the quarry near our home and witnessed people enjoying the sun on horseback, on motorcycles, on four wheelers and just out walking the dog, for getting to see my friend Sharon Dudka as she came by for a visit Satureday because my homemade sauerkraut is helping her with digestive issues (it was exciting to hear the sauerkraut is helping her stomach so much she has not needed the medicine the doctor prescribed her, Gratitude Dance, Hippocrates was right I guess let food be our medicine) and for opening one or our 10 litre Harsch Crock full of my home-made sauerkraut ( to find about 7 litres of yummy probiotics in the form of bright red sauerkraut as if you mix red cabbage and white cabbage you get sauerkraut that is a lovely reddish pink. (Much to my surprise eating a bit of sauerkraut every day has allowed my eczema to vanish) Thank you for the moments you joined me here today. Thank you for being kind to you today my friends.  :~) I Love You.

a black and white drawing of the eye of Horus.  :~)

Believing is seeing. I receive what I am sending, so today I transmit unconditional love, easily. :~)

Gratitude and Friends

Today I am grateful for getting to see my friend Liam Wilson act in the Neil Simon play Rumors last night, it was funny and the acting was a joy to witness, we laughed and laughed at the jokes well told with impeccable timing, for knowing that the best presents I can give anyone are my time, heart felt attention and appreciation for the innocence at the core of their being and for having the pleasure of witnessing the proud face of Sarah Wilson as she beamed, for her son Liam, as she glowed with delight at the friends that showed up to support Liam and the sense of warmth that filled my heart getting to be a part of the whole event. Thank you for the time you shared here today. Thank you for supporting the young people of your life. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a lamp with eyes in the lamp shade and a face with a cup for a hat balanced on the head

Having friends that get me, make my life worth living. :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude and Serendipity

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) love learning how to allow the natural state of wellness that is my essence to flow through every cell of my body. I embrace the ever changing physical universe with the excitement of an innocent child and I am fascinated once again by the wind in my hair, kittens playing in the sun and the softest and most fuzziest nose of the horse who lives under my home. So today I embrace wonder, I go out in nature to touch some water, or I lend a hand to a friend in need which always connects me to my heart. My journey today shall take me on an emotional, physical and spiritual trip that is enhanced by every person I meet, experience I have and choice I make. So I let my heart choose, intuition reign and serendipity guide me to my happiest self, and I am safe.


Today I am grateful for scheduling time to start my book of affirmations and images of Robert Cerins art, every other Thursday, so that I am able to expand on our vision of cheering up the planet, for diving deep into the innocence of my heart, so that I am able to witness the sweet innocent heart in all humans that just needs to be watered with unconditional love to flourish and for a warm dry home on a foggy costal morning, that instills a temporary feeling of safety in the physical world, while knowing in my heart that my body is only a temple, for the infinite energy that I truly am. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for exploring your innocence today. I Love You.  :~)

an abstract image of a heart surrounded by sketched feathers and held in the centre of two guitar bodies. the colours are rich umbers, to golden tans, reds, black and deep purple

A well rounded heart is filled with nature and music.

Affirmation, Gratitude and Empathy

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am effected by the vibration of other people sometimes, so today I enrobe my heart with empathy so that I am able to exude love, in every situation that I live. I understand that everyone is generating energy of some kind all the time, including me, so it is up to me to be aware of the energy I am immersed in to comfort my heart and then how to best express my needs with calmness, being present to my state of mind. When I am able to nurture my emotional heart with spiritual wisdom I feel safe. I embrace my emotions as an adventurer prepares for a long journey, with forethought, with awareness and with respect as my emotions are my compass, my mentor and my student.

Today I am grateful for us getting a new used mac computer from the amazing Brendan Nyhan of Ideal Technical Services as now I can continue to cheer up the planet in a timely and efficient manner, for getting to celebrate Cari Burdett‘s 40th Birthday party where music, laughter, yummy whole food and heart felt conversations were shared and for learning to express all my emotions with consciousness, responsibility and tact which I still have a ways to go to accomplish every moment of every day.  Thank you for being a student of your emotions, so that one day you are the master of your responses. Thank you for sharing your stunning self with me. I Love YOU.  :~)

an image of a chair sitting in front of a window with a scenery of green in the background calling me to nature.

Nature calls to my heart from the windows, doors and my imagination. :~)

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