Affirmation, Gratitude and Self-Compassion

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, speak to myself as if I were my best friend. I am patient with myself when I make mistakes. I am kind to myself when I am tired and need to rest. I allow myself to explore each emotion that enters my heart with a sense of adventure. My emotions can be my powerhouse when I listen to them, honour them and express them with forethought and compassion for all. My earthly journey is sprinkled with opportunities to practice being compassionate every day. I do my best to listen to my wise intuition so that my days are filled with contentment. To increase my joy today I choose to be kind and helpful to everyone who crosses my path. I smile, holding the door for a stranger. I offer a helping hand to the people in my life and I always do my best. Then when I lay down at night to sleep, my dreams are beautiful. Thank you for being your perfect self. Thank you for bravely expressing your truth. I Love YOU.

Today I am grateful for getting to be a part of the Grand Opening of Resthouse Sleep Solutions Event on Sat. Sept. 6th, my part in this lovely event is to share my gift of healing through an introductory 15 minute session of reflexology, reiki and empathic listening, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, as my sessions help people have restful sleep, feel more relaxed and feel heard. For the opportunity to share my healing intention, grow in my ability to help people heal themselves and thrive in my path to becoming a calm and confidant custodian of the heart. And for the amazing women friends I have made who listen to my stories, give me wonderful insight and heart felt connections. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for sharing your love your perfect way. I Love YOU. :~)

I love this TED Talk about Self-Compassion too!


Affirmation, Gratitude and Needs

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, get to choose today how I respond to every situation that arises in my life. The more I listen to my wise inner voice the happier I feel. There is only one me, so similar to everyone on the earth and yet just a little different. The more I focus on how similar I am to everyone the safer I feel. All people have the same needs we just go about getting our needs met in different ways. So today I accept and approve of how I get my needs met, so that I am able to accept and approve of how everyone else gets their needs met. I embrace my needs as valid and I feel liberated. I am valuable. I am abundant and I am calm. Thank you for loving yourself. Thank you for patiently waiting for me to get going on the writing again. I Love YOU. :~)


Today I am grateful for enjoying my own company as I use to feel empty and scared when I was alone but now I feel empowered and content, for the amazing people that fill my life, I have some of the most empowered women friends who inspire me with their perspectives, personalities and passion and for getting to hang out a couple of weeks ago with Julie Keller Collison at the Garfield Street Fair sharing conversation, heart felt connections and Robert Cerins earrings. :~) Thank you for being on the planet with me now. Thank you for sharing your love your perfect way. I Love YOU. :~)


an image of a pair of earring that are bright, colourful and cheerful

Another stunning pair of original earrings from the talented man that loves me. :~)