Affirmation, Gratitude and Goat Milk

Today’s Affirmation: I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have a chance today to love deeply and completely my partner Robert, my family and all the people I care about. In order to be loving to the people in my life I need to figure out what I need to do for me daily so that I am stoking my heart’s furnace with compassion. I spend time meditating so my heart is being heard by the most important person in my life, me. I listen to my deepest fears, my biggest dreams and my intuition so that I feel complete when I am in meditation. I allow myself to embrace my fears so that when I express my emotions to the people in my world, I am calm and confident. It is up to me what I share with who. So today I listen to my heart, my emotions and my needs so that I am able to please me. Thank you for pleasing yourself today.

Today I am grateful for getting to buy a gallon of goat milk in a glass jar from a local goat farmer, as the milk is sweet, yummy, plus as a bonus I made some yogurt from it, so I now have homemade yogurt to boot, for going to see Asrael Zemenick for an ayurvedic healing consultation it was an interesting appointment, that I came away from with new teas to drink, a renewed sense of the importance of meditation and for being reminded to be sweet to me, the third thing I am grateful for today is the wonderful heart felt connections I have with the people that share my life. Thank you for connecting with me today. Thank you for trusting your intuition today. I Love You.

an image of two ladies and one man at a farmers markert smiling and laughing

Goofing off at the Duncan Farmers Market.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Handmade Boots

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, have this day to treat me as if I was my best friend, important person or musician. I have a chance today to appreciate me in new and fun ways, to spoil myself by thinking kind thoughts about me. I spend time realizing that I am valuable just because I am breathing. I am important because I have a body that can effect change, create yummy sauerkraut that helps people feel better and explore how to be more compassionate everyday. I embrace that what I do matters, if I smile, when I am helpful or if I am cranky then the people in my life feel what I am exuding. So I practice thinking before I act or speak as my words and actions are powerful and have the ability to heal or harm. The more I am conscious of what I am doing and saying the better I feel and everyone around me. Thank you for bravely being aware of your words and actions. Thank you for listening to your wise heart. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for getting to support my talented husband Robert Cerins in creating a successful line of “Original Art To Wear” as we just finished three weekend long festivals and the jewelry was enjoyed, purchased and treasured by many of the festival goers, for making sure that I take time to rest and nourish my body after so many busy days, by going to bed early, eating well and making sure I am busy with friends for a day or two this week as I have been busy with customers for a few weeks, and for embracing the positive changes in my life with a sense of calmness that all is well in my world. Thank you for appreciating yourself today. Thank you for being kind today. I Love You. heart emoticon :~)

Check out these amazing boots and shoes from our new friend Natan.

A pair of hand made boots that are calf length

Love the boots creates.