Affirmation, Gratitude and Laughter

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) choose to laugh at myself today. When I make a mistake today instead of berating myself in the quiet of my mind, I realize that I am learning something new and that is why I made a mistake, so I offer myself some forgiveness, praise myself for attempting a new venture and patiently clean up the mess I made, then do my best to start the task again once I have taken a deep breathe or two. I remind myself that mistakes are good because they give me job security as I then have a dilemma to solve which makes me smarter and more skilled. The more I focus on the small successes and forget easily the blunders I create, the happier I am. Since being happy is my goal then I have once again succeeded in a small way. Plus every time I am happy I increase my oxytocin that increases my entire well being. Thank you for laughing at yourself today. Thank you for increasing your oxytocin. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for getting to share a Reflexology/Reiki session this morning, the session starts with a foot bath for your feet, next I tenderly dry your feet, then you get on the massage table and I rub your feet, hands and head, finishing off the session with a bit of Reiki, for the clients I have that trust me to offer their bodies, minds and spirits a bit of comfort and relief from Source Energy and for the intuition that comes to me while I in a deep state of meditation during the healing sessions I offer, I feel that I receive something valuable each time I give a healing treatment. Thank you for caring for you today. Thank you for generously sharing your energy today. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a lady on a beach laughing.

me laughing, loving the sand and surf in Sayulita, Mexico!


Affirmation, Gratitude and Sharing

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) give myself permission to be happy today. I allow myself to think about my needs, wants, dreams and goals. The more I focus on my needs the better I shall be able to care about the needs of the people I share my life with. I have learned that I must fill my heart with gladness before I am able to share the gladness in my heart with anyone. The best way I have found to care for my heart is to listen to it’s whispers, to be open to my heart’s intuitive wisdom and to nourish my heart with food that creates in my heart harmony. The condition of my heart is in my capable and caring hands, so I nurture my heart today and I feel whole. Thank you for creating wholeness in your life today. Thank you for wisely sharing your energy. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for the people who care for my food before I get to buy it, the farmers, the farm hands, the grocery clerks, the store owners, the truck drivers, the sun for shining down on the crops and the rain for nourishing the plants, for realizing that I am in a interdependent relationship with everything, I need the sun, I need the rain, I need shelter, I need to have relationships that nurture my soul, so in understanding that I am in need of many things to thrive, I do my best to share my energy easily and for trusting that when I do my best daily to be of service to all people, places and things that need me in an attitude of gratitude, I am ensuring that the universe looks after my needs in kind. I give out what I want to receive. Thank you for giving out the energy you want to receive back too. Thank you for waking up hopeful.  I Love You.  :~)

a black and white image of two flowers sharing one vase

When I share with an open heart everyone wins. :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude and Enjoyment

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) act as if everything I am doing today is exactly what I want to be doing. The more I am able to enjoy each task at hand the easier each task is to do. I love when I am able to be thankful for the pile of clean clothes that are in need of folding. I know I am on the path I am wanting to be on when I find myself enjoying my weekly walk to take the garbage out noticing the stunning sunrise or embracing the smell of the horse pastures that surround my home. I realize the more amiable I am to life the amiable life is to me. I receive the same frequency that I am sending out so today I send out delight, wonder and excitement as if I was a little child excitedly using a broom for the first time and my heart feels glad. Thank you for enjoying all you do today. Thank you for believing you are worthy of all the good life has in store for you. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for the people in my life that do what ever they do with passion, as I feel it is how we do what we do that is the most important aspect of life, for honing my skill of enjoying what I am doing each moment of the day, so that I have as much fun cleaning my house as dancing to my favourite music and for trusting that I am right where I am supposed to be at all times in my life, learning exactly what I am meant to learn to become my most enlightened, compassionate, kind, thoughtful and helpful self. Thank you for enjoying all your actions today. Thank you for continuing to look for ways to love yourself. I Love You. :~)

an image of a guitar, bottle of wine, wine goblet, cup and saucer a dinner plate and a few piano keys round out this colourful image of blues, rich reds and some bright whites.

Having a lovely afternoon with friends restores my soul.

Affirmation, Gratitude and Optimism

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have decided to practice being optimistic today. Whatever happens today I shall create a positive story about the events of this day. If I am late today as, I am sometimes, I shall breathe deeply, trusting I am right where I am supposed to be. If anyone finds my actions distasteful I will open my heart to their words and feelings allowing myself time to digest their response, then I respond to them with kindness. I realize that my happiness is my responsibility. I am the only person who knows what I need, can communicate what I need and then be satisfied when my needs are met. So today I am optimistic that all my needs shall be met with ease and that I shall be content. Thank you for being content today. Thank you for sharing a bit of your precious time with me. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for getting to hang out in White Rock as we are staying with Robert Cerins talented sister Sandy Jonas who writes a fun and informative blog to help people decorate their homes in a DIY style, if you want to check out her blog and web site they are and her blog is her posts always make me laugh and I usually learn something, for getting to see JJ Whiskey in Ocean Park, and Anna Kristina Boutique in White Rock… two of the stores near Vancouver, BC that sell Robert’s earrings and for getting to go to Granville Island in Vancouver tomorrow to go to my favourite place to buy sausages and yummy meat treats from the old world, like blood sausage, head cheese and tongue (for Robert’s parents) and pepperoni, bacon and elk sausages (for us) as I am on the Paleo eating plan. Thank you for doing something you enjoy today. Thank you for fueling your body with what makes you feel your best. I Love You.  :~)

a lavendered coloured image with the words keep calm and be optimistic

My attitude is the only aspect of life I am able to control.

Affirmation, Gratitude and Habits

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have an opportunity today to take things lightly. This day is the day to laugh at my mistakes and the mistakes of others as then I am creating oxytocin in my body even when there is a mess to clean up. I have the power to see the events of my life through the lens of wisdom and realize that I am able to witness my emotions and decide how I want to use the energy the emotions give me in each situation. I embrace my emotional energy knowing I can use even the fiercest of emotions in positive ways when I breathe through the upset, acknowledge the stress and listen to my heart, even the toughest situations can be resolved in a calm and caring tone of voice. I have repeated the mantra “I think before I act or speak” thousands of times and because I have, it has now become my habit. I enjoy creating life affirming habits is my life. Thank you for creating a new habit in your life that helps you thrive. Thank you for stopping by our group today. I Love You.  :~)

Art by

Today I am grateful for getting our front deck all cleaned up and organized, it was a joint effort as Robert Cerins did the organizing or his art supplies and I did the sweeping up of the deck, for getting the paper work to ICBC (the insurance people) for the accident we were in March 28th 2014, so that we can be compensated for the injuries and loss of income we had as a result of time lost from work, and for getting to go to Vancouver for the next few days to market the earrings Robert makes as we have two new stores interested already, we will be dropping off a sample of the earrings to the Vancouver Art Gallery and maybe we will get a couple more retail outlets. Thank you for believing in your dreams. Thank you for spending a few moments with me today. I Love You.  :~)

This painting as well as all the art work on this page was created by Robert Cerins.

Affirmation, Gratitude and Deep Listening

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have an opportunity today to practice the spiritual art of deep listening. This day when I am in conversations I make it a priority to watch the body language of the person speaking, as body language makes up for about 93% of what is being communicated, I watch the facial muscles, the body movements, is the person comfortable or uncomfortable. I listen for the tone of voice the person speaks in to know if they are feeling fear or faith. I want the people speaking to me to feel heard, appreciated and cared for, so I pay attention with my body movements, eye contact and responses. It is up to me to make sure the people I share my life with feel my connection, caring and compassion through my paying attention to their needs. Thank you for paying attention to your needs and the needs of your loved ones. Thank you for being here with me today. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for Asea Renu 28, rose hip oil and Lysine for helping to heal the cold sore that has appeared on my lip since Sunday and is almost gone, hooray, for embracing my role in life as a healer, sharing reiki and reflexology with the people who cross my path to increase their well being and confidence and for getting to help my husband with his handmade earrings, as he is so busy creating and marketing to get new stores that I am needed to help assemble the earrings and put them on the display cards, Robert Cerins now has at least 25 stores that sell his art and we go to the Duncan Farmers Market all Saturdays that we are not at other art shows. Thank you for being helpful to yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for asking to get your needs met compassionately. I Love You.  :~)

a black and white image of two funny looking characters with the caption below them that Honesty Is Sexy.

Being honest with myself and others makes me content.

Affirmation, Gratitude and Empathy

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have awoken to another day to find ways to be joyful, kind and compassionate. This day is my chance to be an example of a person who is calm. Today I get to choose to be compassionate to the people who cross my path. I allow my heart to swell so that I am able to see the emotional issues of the people in my life and be empathic to their needs. I realize that the best way for me to be helpful to myself and others is to be open, to listen and to be accepting of where we all are in every moment emotionally, so that I am able to be compassionate in the moment. I embrace the pain and the joy that crosses my path as the ying and yang of life. The more I bravely feel the pain the more I am able to experience the joys. So I welcome all emotions today into my being knowing that my emotions are my friends. Thank you for making friends with all your emotions today. Thank you for sharing your emotions wisely. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for my ability to pay attention to the world, the people in my life and the situations that arise daily so that I am able to respond with love in my heart, for trusting the spiritual seekers that have gone before me, written down their experiences and allowed me to receive comfort from their words, that the best way to reach enlightenment is listen to our intuition, to be of service to the people and things in our lives, while emoting an attitude of gratitude and for feeling that I can make a difference in the world and in my own life by owning my own emotional responses, by being proactive in my life and by being always kind to myself and others. Thank you for being kind to you today. Thank you for allowing the love in your life to reach deep into every cell in your body. I Love You.  :~)

an image of a guitar and amp with a heart and the words We Can Play Together, the colours in this image are lavender, light blue and sunny yellow

Playing together peacefully creates oxytocin in my brain. :~)

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