Affirmation, Gratitude and Reliving

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name in place of mine if you like) am capable of improving the quality of my life by improving the quality of my thoughts and actions. It is in my power to increase the amount of joy in my life by focusing on things I have the ability to influence. So today I look for aspects of my life that make me smile. When I find anything at all in my life that brings me joy I focus on that action, event or person and spend a few moments reliving the joy of that moment. The more I practice reliving and refeeling joy (the way I use to worry, refeeling that something bad is going to happen at any moment) the more empowered and excited for life I feel. When I focus on the good that happens in my day, my heart feels free. It is up to me to create a good story out of the events of my day so that I have the strength to get up the next day and live with joy in my heart once again. Thank you for finding a bit of joy in your day. Thank you for inspiring me today with your comments. I Love You.

an image of a drawing of a lady with red hair, eyes shut looking serene with an image next to her of mountians, a field and bright sun to show her visualizing her happy place.

When I spend a few moments in quiet meditation I feel happier. ❤

Today I am grateful for getting to go to the Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery in Whistler, BC last Sunday…/… to drop off an order of Original Earrings created by Robert and I the gallery took 75 pairs, Gratitude Dance, for our 7th Wedding Anniversay May 17th as well as our 12 year Anniversary May 28th of being together was this past weekend, it is fabulous to be married to a man who continues to listen to his innate wisdom and for creating the life I always wanted to have, a partner who I get to support, who is also capable of supporting me when I need to grow into my most evolved spiritual self. Thank you for growing into your evolved spiritual self. Thank you for being here with me today. I Love You.  :~)