Affirmation, Gratitude and Immigration

Today’s Vlog #67 Gratitude,

Affirmation and Gentleness is about enjoying being gentle with ourselves when we make a boo boo and what there was to be grateful for in my life today, that I passed the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Today’s Affirmation; I, ________, (insert your name here if you like) practice being gentle with me today, when I make a mistake, if I break something or when I have computer issues, I acknowledge the situation, then instead of being frustrated by what happened, I say something silly like, Job security, when I make a mess or instead of cussing, I say hooray I did not like that any way. I have an opportunity to even enjoy when things go other than I expected them to go and view the event as an adventure instead of a disaster. I do my best to create a story about the happenings of my day that have a positive slant, then my body is filled with oxytocin nourishing every cell of my body, creating a cycle of wellness. Thank you for joining me for a few minutes today. Thank you for embracing your mistakes with a gentle heart. I Love YOU. :~)

This is where I found this image

a cartoon image of an elephant holding an umbrella in it's trunk to protect a cute brown dog from getting wet

Kindness creates heart felt connections.

Today I am grateful for passing my Canadian Citizenship test with a score of 19 correct answers out of 20, Gratitude Dance, all the studying I put in, paid off and I now get to have a swearing in ceremony where I get to pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II then I will be totally Canadian, Woo Hoo, for the people who were employed by Immigration Canada to help us with the test today, as the man who interviewed me, was pleasant, truly happy for me to get to immigrate to Canada and really kind and for knowing that I needed to leave really early today so I would make my appointment for my test on time and to my great satisfaction I was about 10 minutes early, Happy Prance! Thank you for spending a moment of your day with me. Thank you for making up something to be grateful for if that is what it takes to start your gratitude routine. I Love YOU. :~)

Below is a link to a bunch of questions and answers to help anyone else who is getting ready to take the test. :~)

an image of a red and white canadian flag with a header that reads Go To

Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test today Rocked! ❤ :~)



Affirmation, Gratitude & Choosing Thoughts

Vlog #66 is about thinking about what we are thinking about.

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you want to choose your thoughts) am willing to be present to the constant stream of thoughts that flow through my mind today. The success books tell me that my thoughts and emotions create my reality. I keep my emotions focused on the positive aspects of my life like pride, because I did a job to the best of my ability or faith which encourages me to continue to look at the solutions that are available to me or love which when exuded by me, enlarges the optimism in every cell of my body. It is within my power to use my magical human brain to direct my thoughts to think of kindness, cooperation, compassion, caring and contribution. Thank you for the moments you were here with me today. Thank you for thinking about your thoughts. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a cartoon of an old man with white hair and a beard a yellow over coat purple pants red shoes holding a magnifying glass so one eye looks really big a joyous cartoon

Choosing my thoughts, thinking about my thoughts keeps me joyful.

Today I am grateful for connecting with the proper people at two government offices so I could get some paperwork taken care of that I have been doing my best to resolve for over a year, Gratitude Dance, for all the resources available because of the internet, like the study guide for the Citizenship test, no paper required, there is an option to listen to the study guide, there are test questions tons of them, for ease of learning and then there is the application that allows me to have music that goes with each piano lesson, which makes it sound like I have a back up band at every lesson and for the opportunity to influence the course of my life with my intentions, actions, words, thoughts and attitude of gratitude. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today. Thank you for enjoying your life. I Love YOU. :~)



Affirmation, Gratitude & Willingness

 Vlog #65 Gratitude, Affirmation & Willingness hopes to inspire in our hearts a feeling of eagerness and excitement for all we do in our day.
Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you choose to willing) am open to being willing, as I go about activities, where in the past I may have been scared. I eagerly get ready to go to work, visualizing the events of my day going smoothly, which makes the drive to work pleasant. It is up to me to create a positive state of mind in me so that my daily activities are done with an attitude of willingness. I embrace whatever comes my way today with a sense of adventure in my heart and willingness in my mind enabling me to flow through my day with ease. Instead of being upset at all I have to do I rejoice at all I have to do, which puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I have a powerful imagination which allows me to thrive when I use my mind’s eye to guide me to willingness. Thank you for your precious time today. Thank you for embracing willingness today, it makes life more fun. I Love YOU. :~)
a white background and black image of a decorative skelton key with the words above it that read Willingness Is The written in black

When I am willing to be open to what happens each day, I am in the Universal Flow of Energy.

Today I am grateful for getting another page of Robert Cerins web site updated so we now have over one hundred pairs of earrings online for sale, on Robert’s web site Woo Hoo, for getting to go to dinner with our friends Asrael Zemenick and Pete Stacey to discuss the citizenship test I will be taking on Monday, as Asrael Zemenick took the test a few years ago and I am going to pick her brain about the test and what it was like, to help me do well on the test and for my new routine of doing the dishes when ever I see them in the sink instead of waiting until there is a big pile that takes me over an hour to finish, as the last few days it only took about 10 minutes to wash the dishes but I did the dishes two or three times each day and my kitchen is more refreshing to look at. Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for being grateful for something today. I Love You. :~)



Affirmation, Gratitude & Persistence

Vlog #64 is about the fun of persistence, being grateful for an internet piano learning program and for momentum.

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here to enjoy being persistent) am willing to embrace being persistent today in an aspect of my life where I have been procrastinating. When I am incorporating a new habit into my life, whether it be exercising, eating well or committing to my work, when I follow my own set routine, I get into a groove of fulfilling my schedule of good habits which creates momentum, that in turn inspires me to get up again the next day to start my set routine. My inner cheer leader inspires me to exercise and I feel rejuvenated as I have momentum from the days past where I did exercise that gives me courage to continue on. It is easier to sustain my health regiment when I am focused on listening to my strengths. Thank you for being present today. Thank you for being persistent in all you care about today. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a tree growing out of a crack in the dirt, the little tree has three green leaves.

To Grow Where We Are Is The Most Powerful Act We Can Do. ❤ :~)

Today I am grateful for discovering a web site that is devoted to teaching the piano called Piano Marvel there is a free app that allows my electric grand piano to be plugged into my mac laptop so now the Piano Marvel app records how long I practice, has lots of sheet music, has sight reading tests, has a free account option that really is allowing me to improve my piano playing for free and only cost $ 99.99 a year to sign up for the most expensive package, (I am loving practicing!), for the way the Yamaha Piano company made the jack in the back of my piano, just like a printer cable so I did not even need to purchase a new cable. in order to make the connection between computer and piano function, Hooray! and for drinking a new tea made of sage, alfalfa, vitex, red clover, red raspberry and a touch of licorice with the hope that the sage, vitex and other ingredients will encourage my entire body to cool down in the night as I sleep. I feel the tea is helping because I have drank the tea for the last two days and last night I slept 8 hours with only about one and a half hours being awake during the night. Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for courageously discovering something to be grateful for today. I Love You. :~)

an image of a laptop computer a midi cord and a electric keyboard

The Most Amazing Piano Teaching Tool Ever! It inspires me to practice because it is fun. ❤

Affirmation, Gratitude and Accepting

Vlog #62 is about enjoying accepting our lives just the way they are and what I am grateful for today.

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here to practice being accepting) am willing to accept the circumstances of my life just as they are today. I am open to viewing my life through the eyes of trustworthiness, believing that I have within me, the will to be a producer of joy. I accept that all I need to do to improve my life, is to improve my state of mind (which is really a place that is why it is called State of Mind). There are time tested ways to allow me to influence my State of Mind with conscious thoughts repeated over and over until the thoughts manifest into concrete changes in my physical being. By repeating positive self talk that inspires me to feel confident, I understand I am increasing my ability to problem solve, be more creative and have the chance to collaborate in dynamic human relationships. The more I am able to accept myself and others just the way we are, the more I exude calmness, increasing my chances that the people who meet me will feel comfortable in my presence. My future is in my capable hands. Thank you for spending time accepting yourself just the way you are. Thank you for taking time to come by for your daily dose of encouragement. I Love You. :~)

an image with a light blue background and black words that read Accept the pain, cherish the joys, resolve the regrets: then can come the best of benedictions: If I had my life to live over again, I'd do it all the same- Unknown.

I would live my life over just the same way so I could become the person I am today. :~) ❤

Today I am grateful for adapting to my new system of two sleeps where I wake up after sleeping 2 or 3 hours then I am awake from 1 to 3 hours and then I sleep for another 3 to 4 hours, it is interesting, what to do in the quiet of the night to keep me occupied while Robert Cerins sleeps, for the classes that I will be studying in the night, so that I am using my wide awake morning energy boost wisely, learning information that is furthering my goal of cheering up the planet and for when I am on hold, in the grocery store, in the bank, it seems everywhere I go, the music playing is my favourite music rock and roll from the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, because I love to sing along. Thank you for the time your joined me here today. Thank you for playing the gratitude game with me today. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of an abstract watercolour painting of a lady singing

I love to sing! I painted this at an art class a few years ago. :~)


Affirmation, Gratitude and Loving My Body

Loving our bodies is what today’s Vlog #61 is about and what I am grateful for along with a bit of fun.

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here if I am willing to love every inch of my body) realize that the body I have right now, is the only body I get for my time I earth. Since I have a one of a kind, waterproof, space suit especially created for planet earth, it is important for me to care for my unique body. I start to care for my body by using my amazing brain. I spend a few minutes each day (the more the better) thinking of things I do well, thinking of all I have accomplished, refeeling the warm fuzzys and personal satisfaction of a task completed thoroughly, with a joyful heart. I appreciate that my body digests food, breathes air somehow extracting oxygen to nourish my body, and is capable of experiencing the full range of human emotions. I repeat phrases that increase my chances of loving my body. Every cell of my body is filled with unconditional love. I am deserving of a body that is strong. I strengthen my body with my favourite form of exercise. I delight in looking at my body in the mirror and saying I love me. I love me. I love me. Until I actually feel like I really Love ME. I am adorable. I am enough. Thank you for appreciating yourself today. Thank you for enjoying your body. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a pink bathroom scale and there the weight ought to be showing there is a window shaped like a heart with a pointer that points to a word gorgeous instead of the amount of weight.

That is what each and everyone of us is at heart! Gorgeous!

Today I am grateful for a faster internet connection that we have now, as the vlogs I am uploading use to take over an hour to upload and now the vlogs upload in less than 10 minutes, Gratitude Dance, and it only costs $10.00 extra dollars a month, for having four days starting today, to just be at home, catch up with chores, do my blogging and vlogging, work on some earrings, work on Robert Cerins web site and study for my citizenship test on the 30th of this month and for getting the best night sleep I have had in a week last night, so I hope for a repeat tonight as it would be great for my body to get caught up on my sleep. Thank you for finding something to be grateful for today. Thank you for joining me in creating gratitude in our world today! I Love YOU. :~)

an image with a white background and words that read Keep Calm and Catch Up.

Keeping Calm is always a good action to repeat. :~) ❤


Gratitude, Affirmation & Responsibility

Vlog #60 hopes to bring some humour to the idea of taking responsibility for our actions and a beauty tip about Rose Hip Oil.

Today I am grateful for getting to take our TDI Golf to the best diesel mechanic in the valley, we have been his client for many years and he is not taking new clients now, so I am super gratitude dancing that he is our mechanic, for the rain we are having right now, as the rain is washing away all the snow and ice that have been on the ground for weeks, so happy prance for the rain and for organic cold pressed rose hip oil one of the most soothing and healing oils nature provides for us to use, to keep our skin supple, healthy and moist. Here is a link to an article about Rosehip Oil Thank you for the moments your were here with me today. Thank you for caring for your skin, the largest organ of your body. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a 30ml bottle of Divine Essence Rose Hip Oil the bottle is blue with a white lid and attractive label

I love to nourish my face with 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil! Rose Hip Oil is also great at healing burns.


Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here if I am willing to take full responsibility for my life) am open to being responsible for every single choice that I have made up until this day, whether the choices I made that turned out the way I wanted them to or the choices I made that did not turn out the way I wanted them to. I trust that by taking responsibility for the decisions I have made, I am empowering myself with the ability to make better & wiser choices in the future. My heart swells with confidence each time it is empowered to join in the discussion for the decisions I make. Especially since my body can live without a brain but not without a heart, it is important for me to include my heart in every choice of my life. My being feels grounded and calm when my body, mind and spirit all agree with the decisions we make. Thank you for your time. Thank you for taking responsibility for your life, it’s Fun! I Love YOU.

an image of a dog with a pooper scooper clean up his own poop to show us the satisfaction of cleaning up after ourselves

Cleaning up our own messes is empowering, enlightening and enlivening! ❤




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