Figuring Out Who To Trust

Learning to read people by paying attention to their actions and words empowers my confidence. It is fun to listen to the the emotion behind the words spoken. ❤ :~)



Manifesting Mondays, Manifesting Immigration

Manifesting my dreams and goals starts in my mind like all ideas. In 2002 the thought came into my mind that my entire body felt uncomfortable with the amount of money the USA spends on the military. So in my heart the vision of living in another country came into being.

Immigrating to Canada took a total of 8 years. My journey started in 2009 and on July 1st 2017 it was my pleasure to become an official Canadian Citizen.

May you manifest your dreams and goals with an open heart. Blessings, I Love YOU! ❤ :~)


Fitness Friday One Arm Side Plank

Caring for my body by exercising 3 to 4 times a week has been an empowering. Getting to experience how my body feels when it is strong is exciting.
My hope is that you will feel inspired to care for your earthly space suit from witnessing me care for my earthly space suit.
My you courageously strengthen your earthly space suit and embrace your personal power. I Love YOU. Blessings,


Kimchi & Sauerkraut Opening The Crocks

Homemade Organic Local Traditional Sauerkraut

Creating homemade food to nourish my family calms my heart. Kimchi and Sauerkraut help keep us healthy and happy by filling our bellies with millions of healthy probiotics.

What do you love to create that nourishes your body?

Please nourish your generous self! I Love YOU!


Organic Vegan Kimchi

Organic Vegan Kimchi is a yummy way to nourish your gut flora. Here is a video from when I made our last batch. ❤ :~)


Home Cooking = Happiness

I love to cook in my well seasoned cast iron pan.  Using cast iron instead of Teflon is the best way to protect ourselves and our families from the toxins in Teflon.  Here is a link to the toxins in Teflon.

We can make ourselves healthier and happier by cooking in #castiron.  #HomeCooking from scratch is the best kind of cooking.  We love buying our pork from #YesteryearFarm at the #DuncanFarmersMarket each Saturday in Duncan, BC.


Affirmation, Gratitude and A Contest

Today’s Affirmation; I, feel empowered when I make healthy changes in my life. I have one body that helps me explore personal relationships, physical experiences and emotional relationships. It is within my power to care for my earthly space suit. When I exercise I say encouraging words and phrases to my self so that I am inspired to keep up the great self care. I am grateful for the strength I have and by constant repetition of resisting gravity my body get stronger. I challenge myself to become better and then I get to find fun ways to grow. My future health is in the hands of my present choices. Thank you for being committed to your self care routine. Thank you for stopping by for a daily does of happiness. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of the arm of a woman who has been doing pushups and you can see her flexing her right bicep

The pushups I am doing are paying off! Gratitude Dance! :~)


Today I am grateful for sticking to my own personal exercise plan for the month of January, as it was my goal to exercise on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and in January there was 18 days I set out to exercise and I exercised 16 out of the eighteen days so I am satisfied with that, Gratitude Dance! For finally feeling that my body truly is getting stronger from all the leg raisers and sit ups I have been doing and for starting another story for the CBC Literary Prize contest that ends Feb. 28, 2018. I love to write! :~)…/2018-cbc-nonfic…

Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for finding something to be grateful for today. I Love YOU. :~)

an image that has three colours, a black background and then dark pink and light pink with the words in black over light pink that read CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize

Writing stories to win a prize is inspiring my creative nature.


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