Orange Cocount Creamsicle with Wild Blueberries!

Today is Paleo Monday on my YouTube channel.

Here is a demonstration of homemade gelatin recipe I created calle Orange Coconut Creamsicle With Wild Blueberries. We need collagen in every cell of our bodies and this is a yummy low carb treat. ❤ :~)



Eco Friendly Soap Creates Joy In My Heart!

Today’s Video is about using soap that is healthy for you and our planet. We share our planet with many animals.

So I do my best to use earth friendly products. It makes my happy to know I am caring for the planet as well as myself.
Blessings, I Love YOU. ❤ :~)


Feeling Heard Feels Good

Feeling Heard Feels Good is a video where it is my pleasure to share the benefits I received from being a part of AA for 4.5 years. I am sober now for more than four years. And the first time I quit drinking it was for 9 years from age 24 to age 33.
Being able to share my feelings and listen to my emotions is what AA did for me. ❤ :~)


Fitness Friday Cross Legged Stand

Fitness Friday Today! Woo Hoo! I kept my commitment to me and exercised four times this week. In this video I go from sitting cross legged on the floor to standing straight up.
Please care for your earthly space suit. I Love YOU. ❤ :~)

❤ :~)


Patience Is Free For Me

Patience Is Free For Me Vlog is about how to exercise your muscles of patience! If my video makes you giggle please share it so I can cheer up more people. Thank you. ❤ I Love YOU!


Crating Calmness In Your Heart


If you need to be cheered up please go to my YouTube Channel where I am posting a video a day about what makes me happy in the hopes it will help you increase your capacity to be happy. Blessings

The Earrings on my ears were created by my amazing husband Robert Cerins. My goal is to wear a different pair of earrings in every video. If you want to get some for yourself or someone you love please go to


Protecting Our Gut Flora

Today’s Vlog is Protecting Our Gut Flora Protects Our Health. One of the best ways to protect out Gut Flora is to drink purified water. R.O. water rocks. ❤
How do you protect your gut flora? ❤ :~) I Love YOU! ❤ :~)


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