Paleo Monday Eating Organic Butter

After years of self experiment as I have been a junk food junkie, a vegan diet and now my body is thriving on the Paleo eating plan. So something that is consumed by me daily is Organic Butter and Grass Fed is my preference. Have you ever just eaten a slice of butter like you would a slice of yummy cheese?

What kind of fat do you eat? My being loves butter, cacao butter and olive oil. Thank you for being here today. I Love YOU! :~) ❤



Paleo Monday Ground Chicken Salad

Ground chicken makes a fast lunch. We are blessed to have a great supply of local chicken. Loving to cook makes it a joy to prepare food that nourishes each cell of my body. Please take the time to cook for your self. Blessings,


Happiness Is A Snow Day

It feels good to be able to take turns shoveling snow with my amazing husband Robert for about four hours. We took a nap in between shoveling our way out and shoveling out our lovely next door neighbour.

My working out is paying off. Woo Hoo! I learned a better way to shovel snow today. Do you have any snow shoveling tips. Hugs ❤ :~) I Love YOU!


Why Organic, Potatoes Organic vs. Conventional

One of the main reasons Organic Food is one of my passion is that it tastes better. The first time it was my pleasure to eat an Organic Potato was from Marlene’s Health Food Store in Federal Way, WA.

The organic potato tasted almost sweet like the potatoes we grew on the farm where I grew up in Western Washington. It has been my pleasure to eat 99% organic since 1994. I am experimenting with myself to see if spending money eating organic keeps me from spending money at the doctors office.

How do you care for you health? Tell me all about what you do. Thank you. Blessings,


Paleo Monday Making Bone Broth Better

I love making bone broth from chicken bones, beef bones and the other day I used pigs feet to make bone broth.

In my heart is feels right to use every bit of the animal once we have slaughtered the sacred animals. It is interesting how much our bodies need collagen and that the collagen we need is in the leftovers of the animals we eat.

So please honor the animals you eat by using all of their bodies.

I would love to know any Paleo or Keto bone broth tips you have too. :~)


Paleo Monday Cacao & Raspberry Gelatin

Creating food that nourishes every cell of my body is fulfilling. To me the most important thing I can do to care for my meat suit is to eat foods that are really good for me. Please listen to your body so you can discover which food types are best for you. Blessings,


Paleo Monday Chocolate Tahini Treat

Eating for my whole body encourages my body to feel whole. Creating Paleo treats from my own recipes is exciting and rewarding when my ideas taste yummy. What is your favourite paleo treat? Thank you for being here with me on earth. I Love YOU. ❤


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