What’s In It Wednesday, Window Cleaners

Cleaning windows can be fun by focusing on the joy clean windows bring to the observers.




Tips For Keeping The Faith

Keeping The Faith is a skill just like learning to sing or playing a musical instrument. Faith is creating an image of the outcome we want what ever the present conditions of our life look like in the present moment. Please Keep The Faith! I Love YOU! ❤


Fitness Friday Tree Pose

Doing yoga helps us create balance in our physical body which helps us create balance in our mental life. Being in my body helps me to listen to my intuitive senses. My five senses help me know who is good to connect with and who to to release. It is up to me to pay attention to the subtle sensations my body emits and decode the wisdom of Universal Love.

Thank you for loving your body today. I Love YOU. ❤ :~)


Being Loving Kindness Is Fun

Being Loving Kindness Is Fun. Practicing being kind is a fun challenge. Can I be kind to the person who cuts me off? Can I be kind to my mom when she pushed my buttons? Most times it was easy to respond with kindness to my mom. I forgive myself for the times I responded to my mom with frustration. Thank you for being here. Blessings,


Motivation Monday Having Pride In Our Work

When we put thought into the work we do we have a sense of accomplishment. Success comes from feeling good about what we do. So please take pride in all you do, even if you are just cleaning the loo. It feels rewarding to care about what we do for a living. May you find a way to enjoy all that you do. Blessings, I Love YOU! ❤ :~)


Sexy Sunday Our Brain Is Our Biggest Sex Organ

Using our brains by paying attention to our thoughts can improve our sexual experiences. When we think thoughts that bring us joy like I love the way my lover is touching me. I feel tingly. I am loved and respected. Thoughts similar to the ones right before this sentence help us connect to our lover. Thoughts that increase our feeling of security increase our ability to relax also increasing out ability to have great orgasms. Good Luck have Great Orgasms! Blessings, I Love YOU, :~) ❤


Figuring Out Who To Trust

Learning to read people by paying attention to their actions and words empowers my confidence. It is fun to listen to the the emotion behind the words spoken. ❤ :~)


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