Affirmation, Gratitude and Travel

Today’s Affirmation; I,_________, (insert my name here if I like) choose today to nourish my being with organic food with the best nutritional content. So today I shall source out the best places to buy nutritious food so that my body has the best chance of thriving. Farmers markets provide local produce in season, that is fresh and ready to strengthen my bones. In many towns there are Grocery Stores that stock their shelves with the highest quality food available to nurture our bones. I have decided that I am worth the extra money organic food costs. I invest in my future health with healthy food, because I am what I eat. Thank you for nourishing your bones with healthy food. Thank you for investing in your health. I Love YOU. :~)

This is two different health food stores we have stopped in so far. Whole Foods by Taylor Way in Vancouver and Olives Health food store in Function Junction just outside Whistler, BC. :~)

an image of a lady with dark hair standing with a shopping cart in front of a Whole Foods store in Vancouver BC

Shopping for healthy food is one of my favourite things to do. Organic food rocks. ❤

a lady standing in front of a grocery store called Olives in Function Junction just outside Whistler, BC.

Olives a lovely small locally owned health food store with lots of Paleo food. Hooray!

Today I am grateful for being in Vancouver, BC for the first part of our cross Canada tour selling earrings and my book once we pick them up in Winnipeg, for the fun we are having our our trip so far, we are getting to stay with the lovely Katherine Barkley and her daughter Maia who are the hostesses with the mostesses and for having our biggest one time earring sale so far on this trip at the Adele Campbell Art Gallery in Whistler, BC they took over one hundred pair of earrings and paid for them up front, Gratitude Dance! Thank you for being here on this journey with me. Thank you for investing in your dreams. I Love YOU! :~)

an image of people sitting on a bench a lady standing by a giant megaphone that represents the right to love anyone and everyone how you want to love them.

Me standing up for all types of love at the Megaphone.

an image of a Whole Foods produce section you can see bananas, coconuts and oranges in this photo and a few people

Whole Foods yummy produce section. I love fresh food. :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude & Loving Our Skin

Vlog #68 reminds us to love the skin we are in and what I am grateful for to inspire you to be grateful for your life. ❤

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you are willing to love your body) promise to love the skin I live in today. When I look down at my body in the morning as I am getting dressed I appreciate my skin, the stuff that keeps the rest of me safe, protected and cocooned in the perfect habitat for me to thrive. My skin is the largest organ of my body. My fabulous skin rids my being of toxins increasing my wellness. The more I spend time thinking about how awesome my bodies outer most layer is, the more excited I get about my awesome human body. If I cut or burn myself my skin heals almost like magic. When I am near someone who is creepy my skin will let me know by getting all tingly as I way to protect me. I love my skin. I love my epidermis. I love my exterior membrane so I massage Rose Hip Oil lovingly into each pore and my skin responds with vibrant health. Thank you for coming by for your daily dose of encouragement. Thank you for loving the skin you are in. I Love YOU! :~)

an image of two hands forming a heart in front of a belly button with the words inside the heart of the two hands that reads I Love My Body

Affirming the value of my body heals my heart.

Today I am grateful for the spontaneous carpet cleaning and housekeeping work that comes to me at the perfect time when there is space in my schedule, bills that need paying and clients that need their spaces to be a bit more sparkly, for how good it feels to have completed my part of the citizenship process, which in turn has increased my sense of comfort, of living in Canada, feeling that I am accepted here, in Canada, by the government and embracing the reality of being a dual citizen and for my dedication to be a being that chooses to exude love in all situations, to understand that my power lies in how I respond to life, how I perceive the events of my life and in the vibration that I radiate every moment of the day. Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for radiating love every moment of the day. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a red heart with a psychedelic background

Radiating love creates in every cell of my body oxytocin increasing my overall wellness.


Gratitude, Affirmation & Responsibility

Vlog #60 hopes to bring some humour to the idea of taking responsibility for our actions and a beauty tip about Rose Hip Oil.

Today I am grateful for getting to take our TDI Golf to the best diesel mechanic in the valley, we have been his client for many years and he is not taking new clients now, so I am super gratitude dancing that he is our mechanic, for the rain we are having right now, as the rain is washing away all the snow and ice that have been on the ground for weeks, so happy prance for the rain and for organic cold pressed rose hip oil one of the most soothing and healing oils nature provides for us to use, to keep our skin supple, healthy and moist. Here is a link to an article about Rosehip Oil Thank you for the moments your were here with me today. Thank you for caring for your skin, the largest organ of your body. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a 30ml bottle of Divine Essence Rose Hip Oil the bottle is blue with a white lid and attractive label

I love to nourish my face with 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil! Rose Hip Oil is also great at healing burns.


Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here if I am willing to take full responsibility for my life) am open to being responsible for every single choice that I have made up until this day, whether the choices I made that turned out the way I wanted them to or the choices I made that did not turn out the way I wanted them to. I trust that by taking responsibility for the decisions I have made, I am empowering myself with the ability to make better & wiser choices in the future. My heart swells with confidence each time it is empowered to join in the discussion for the decisions I make. Especially since my body can live without a brain but not without a heart, it is important for me to include my heart in every choice of my life. My being feels grounded and calm when my body, mind and spirit all agree with the decisions we make. Thank you for your time. Thank you for taking responsibility for your life, it’s Fun! I Love YOU.

an image of a dog with a pooper scooper clean up his own poop to show us the satisfaction of cleaning up after ourselves

Cleaning up our own messes is empowering, enlightening and enlivening! ❤