Paleo Monday Ground Chicken Salad

Ground chicken makes a fast lunch. We are blessed to have a great supply of local chicken. Loving to cook makes it a joy to prepare food that nourishes each cell of my body. Please take the time to cook for your self. Blessings,



Sexy Sunday Tips For Better Orgasms

Building self confidence is a great way to have better orgasms. Repeat affirmations that remind me what an awesome body the Univer get to borrow. I am sexy. I am beautiful! I am sensual. I am worthy of being appreciated. I nourish myself by asking for my sexual needs to be met. I spend time thinking about what are my sexual needs. LOL LOL LOL :~)

Making sure my sexy bits are well moisturized is another way to make sure the sexual experiences I have are comfortable, enjoyable and satisfying. May you courageously explore what make you tingly. Blessings, I Love YOU. :~) ❤


Fitness Friday Push Ups Make Us Sexy

I always disliked exercise until about a year and a half ago. Now I almost enjoy it! LOL What I do enjoy about exercising is the results! My body feels stronger and more capable that it has in a decade.

I learned from watching a #JRE that even Joe Rogan sometimes has to convince himself to exercise because he would rather go hunting or something. When I heard that I realized that everyone at times has a hard time sticking to their work out plan and that somehow inspired me to stick to my work out plan. It is my exercise! LOL

Please take care of your earthly space suit, You Are The Only Person Who Can! :~)


Paleo Monday Making Bone Broth Better

I love making bone broth from chicken bones, beef bones and the other day I used pigs feet to make bone broth.

In my heart is feels right to use every bit of the animal once we have slaughtered the sacred animals. It is interesting how much our bodies need collagen and that the collagen we need is in the leftovers of the animals we eat.

So please honor the animals you eat by using all of their bodies.

I would love to know any Paleo or Keto bone broth tips you have too. :~)


Sexy Sunday Trust Increases Pleasure

Being in a relationship based on trust and honesty helps sex to be more fun. It is important to say what we enjoy and what we do not enjoy as we share our bodies with our beloved. Please share your body with someone who finds you beautiful in every way. Everyone deserves to be loved wholeheartedly. Thank you for being here with me today. I Love YOU. ❤ :~)


Paleo Treat Raw Cacao Butter

Have you ever tried eating raw cacao butter? It is my new favourite paleo treat!
Raw cacao butter is soothing to my body, mind and spirit.

Is there a fat you love to eat that I need to know about?

May you find the fat that is healing for you. ❤


Fitness Friday One Arm Side Plank

Caring for my body by exercising 3 to 4 times a week has been an empowering. Getting to experience how my body feels when it is strong is exciting.
My hope is that you will feel inspired to care for your earthly space suit from witnessing me care for my earthly space suit.
My you courageously strengthen your earthly space suit and embrace your personal power. I Love YOU. Blessings,


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