What’s In It Wednesday Food Additives

In our world it seems that many diseases are on the rise Autism, Cancer, Alzheimers, etc… It seems no one knows why these diseases are on the rise. I would like to put in my two cents. I feel that the rise of these diseases is related to the rise in the use of man made chemicals in our world.

So it has been my mission to eat 100% Organic since 1994. Eating 100% Organic is my personal experiment to see if I can increase my health and life expectancy by eating local organic food.

All I can say is so far I am happy with the results of my food choices. Right now I am on the Keto or Paleo eating plan.

In my early 20’s my digestion was screwed up! I had bowel movements only about every three days. It was a blessing to meet a man who know about improving the diet to increase health and after a few fasts and leaving alone white sugar and white flour. My bowel movements were regular and still are to this day. Gratitude Dance! Please think before you eat. Blessings, I Love YOU! ❤ :~)



Paleo Monday Ground Chicken Salad

Ground chicken makes a fast lunch. We are blessed to have a great supply of local chicken. Loving to cook makes it a joy to prepare food that nourishes each cell of my body. Please take the time to cook for your self. Blessings,


Why Organic, Potatoes Organic vs. Conventional

One of the main reasons Organic Food is one of my passion is that it tastes better. The first time it was my pleasure to eat an Organic Potato was from Marlene’s Health Food Store in Federal Way, WA. https://www.marlenesmarket-deli.com/

The organic potato tasted almost sweet like the potatoes we grew on the farm where I grew up in Western Washington. It has been my pleasure to eat 99% organic since 1994. I am experimenting with myself to see if spending money eating organic keeps me from spending money at the doctors office.

How do you care for you health? Tell me all about what you do. Thank you. Blessings,


Paleo Treat Raw Cacao Butter

Have you ever tried eating raw cacao butter? It is my new favourite paleo treat!
Raw cacao butter is soothing to my body, mind and spirit.

Is there a fat you love to eat that I need to know about?

May you find the fat that is healing for you. ❤


Calming Chicory, Carob and Dandelion Tea

Nourishing my entire being with calming teas make me joyous. What makes you happy? I am grateful for you.

❤ :~)


Kimchi & Sauerkraut Opening The Crocks

Homemade Organic Local Traditional Sauerkraut

Creating homemade food to nourish my family calms my heart. Kimchi and Sauerkraut help keep us healthy and happy by filling our bellies with millions of healthy probiotics.

What do you love to create that nourishes your body?

Please nourish your generous self! I Love YOU!


Chicory Carob Comfort

If you are trying to kick your coffee habit like I am you may enjoy this dark rich delightful drink.


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