Affirmation, Gratitude and Wrinkles

Today’s Affirmation; I, have an opportunity today to be patient with myself and everyone I meet. When I am patient with myself I feel calmer. When I break my hand made ceramic mug I now say “job security” while I sweep up the pieces, instead of cussing a blue streak then I create oxytocin in every cell of my body because I laugh at my own joke and the mess is cleaned up. I make everything I do fun because I choose to. I decide to be happy every moment so when I am old I will have happy wrinkles. Thank you for being here with me today. Thank you for trusting yourself today. I Love YOU. :~)

My happy wrinkles :~)

an image of one green eye and the wrinkles around the eye to show what happy wrinkles look like.

I love my wrinkles of happiness.


Today I am grateful for my sense of humour, as laughing at myself has saved my sanity more than once, for trusting I am exactly where I am supposed to be all the time, that my future is unfolding just as it ought to and for understanding that the best thing I can do for myself is to listen to my wise intuitive heart so that I am capable of being patient with myself and others. Thank you for being patient with yourself and others today. Thank you for spending a few of your moments here with me today. I Love YOU. :~)

Here is an image of one of the pair of earrings that will be for sale on soon. Original Art To Wear

an image of a pair of earrings where you can see the front of one earring and the back of one earring and there is a dime in the photo so you can tell the size of the pair of earrings the earrings seem like they have an abstract bird on them and the colours are rich greens, delightful golds and black highlights.

I love this pair of hand made and hand painted earrings created by Robert Cerins Designs.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Creating Happiness

Vlog #72 Gratitude, Affirmation and Creating Happiness reminds us that we can create happiness with our amazing thoughts and emotions. My hope is to help you be grateful by sharing what there is to be grateful for in my life today. :~)

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you are ready to create your happiness) am able to change my state of mind by changing what I focus on. My goal today is to pay attention to all that goes well. Every situation is a chance for me to be on alert for all the good that is happening in each moment. When I accomplish any small task I congratulate myself for a job well done. The times it is my priority to concentrate on my actions, responses, words and reactions are the times I feel centred. Listening to my inner voice and emotions helps me stay connected to my intuition which is another way I create my happiness, by listening to me. The more I pay attention to my moods, attitude and responses the happier I feel because my heart, mind and spirit are cooperating. Thank you for the moments you joined me here today. Thank you for staying focused on the good in your life. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a busy city street there are people in the background and a trolly car in the foreground of the image there is a hand holding a magnifing glass that is enlarging a daisy growing out of a crack in the road, reminding us to focus on the good

When I focus I what is good and alive in life I feel alive and good. :~)

Today I am grateful for staying home today as it is snowing like crazy out right now and we already had more than 14.5 inches, it is a winter wonder land outside my window right now, for getting out of the driveway yesterday, with the help of a nice man and his tractor as we had dug our car out, started out the driveway, stopped to dig out the entrance and could not get our car rolling again, so the man with the tractor digging us out a parking space so we did not have to use our driveway anymore as the weather man promised more snow, he stopped shoveling the entrance of the driveway, to pull our car out with his tractor so we were able to get to the store to stock up with food and water and for how yummy chicory is so that I can make myself yummy hot beverages that soothe my spirit on cold days. Thank you for spending a few moments with me today. Thank you for valuing gratitude today. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a snowy horse corral pine and fir trees covered in snow on a bright sunny time of day and the snow is sparkly.

The corral for the horses next to our home and the neighbours barn in the background. Got Snow! LOL ❤ :~)


Affirmation, Gratitude and Rejoicing

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) spend today making everything I do enjoyable. I create stories that inspire me while I am folding the laundry, I give thanks for the farmer that grew the cotton, the seamstress that sewed the garment, the store owner that purchased the clothes so that I could buy them and the sales clerk that made the whole experience of receiving the clothes fun. While I am scrubbing the washroom I am grateful for hot running water, oxyclean my go to to clean everything from the toilet to the carpets and the people who invented plumbing so that I can stay in my warm home to empty my bladder and bowels. My experiences of my life depend on the stories I tell myself about the experiences in my life. Thank you for creating great stories about your life. Thank you for making fun in your day today. I Love You.  :~)

Today I am grateful for getting to go to Robert Cerins’ parents house and clean their home, as Robert’s parents are two of the most generous, caring parents anyone could hope to have, so I am going to be caring and generous back to them today, for honing my ability to pay it forward, by practice doing good deeds, just because it warms my heart and makes me feel all yummy and for the movie I watched just a couple of nights ago called “Awake The Life Of Paramahansa Yogananda” a man that devoted his life to loving God and sharing his experience, wisdom and thoughts with us all, he is one of my many spiritual heroes!
Thank you for being here today. Thank you for being your own hero. I Love You.  :~)

a snowy scene with Olaf the snowman from the movie Frozen finding a flower and rejoicing about it.

Enjoying life makes life worth living. :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude and Gut Feelings

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) enjoy learning about how my brain, body and spirit cooperate as one. Exploring my spiritual roots inspires me daily. Discovering that I am a spiritual being having a human experience makes it easier to be gentle with me and patient with the people in my world, as I am consciousness incarnated to create. Today I go about creating calmness in the world by being calm as much as possible, to take in stride the messes that happen in my life and when there is a mess to clean up whether emotional or physical to clean up said disorder with an attitude of gratitude, the issue then is not clouded with more emotional baggage. The more I keep my mind on the big picture of my bringing peace and joy to our world, the easier it is to see everything that happens as perfect just the way it is. I choose to exude hope, delight and humour today. Thank you for laughing today it increases the oxytocin in your body. Thank you for being gentle with you. I Love You.  :~)

Today I am grateful for the minds of people who create paradigm shifts like Gross National Happiness developed by the 4th King of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck that promotes emotional well being along with financial well being, for my ability to read as the words I have read, have made me who I am, as much as the relationships I have had with the people in my life and for trusting that just as I feel I am right where I am supposed to be, I trust that the world is evolving, growing and expanding just as it ought to be too, which bring a great peace to my heart and spirit. Thank you for trusting you are right where you are supposed to be today. Thank you for listening to your gut. I Love You.  :~)


Affirmation, Gratitude and Self-Compassion

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have a chance today to be kind to me. Realizing that I am a spiritual being here to experience life thrills me. I have an opportunity to value me today. I remind myself that it is up to me how I perceive every aspect of my life today, so I perceive all events as perfect so that I am creating a vibration of contentment with each breath I receive. I choose to be a generator of generosity. I am alive with potential, possibilities and permission to be a stand for love. I choose to see all the actions of my earthly brothers and sisters as divine, which creates in my heart a feeling of peace, which I hope to exude for all hearts to receive. Thank you for broadcasting love today. Thank you for receiving love too. I Love You.

Today I am grateful for my ability to change my mind because sometimes I have made decisions that in the past have not been in my best interests, so I am excited when I make a new decision that increases the joy in my entire body, for my ability to create new habits that serve my emotional, physical and spiritual selves so that I am able to be of useful service to my fellow earthlings and for my practice of listening to everyone I meet as if the words they speak have magical healing powers because I believe we are all hear to heal each other. Thank you for healing me today. Thank you for listening to your wise heart today. I Love You.

an image of a lotus flower with encouraging words of self-compassion A Healthier Way Of Relation to Myself. :~)

Today is a great day to appreciate me.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Defend Our Coast Rally

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) bring hopeful thoughts to my mind everyday. I am the only person who decides what is worth thinking about when I am all alone with my thoughts. I choose to think empowering thoughts, knowing positive thoughts raise the levels of serotonin and dopamine in me creating a healthy body, mind and emotional state. I think about all the people in the world focusing on love right now, whether they are holding their baby, their lover or a dear friend. I read inspiring books and magazines like “Yes”. It feels great to vote with my dollars and buy the most green and local products available to me on Vancouver Island. Since I trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, than I also trust that humanity is exactly where it is supposed to be for all of our highest good. I can see such a small part of reality, that I just must trust to keep my sanity. As I am a spiritual being having a human experience loving everything and everyone equally. Thank you for the time you share with me. Thank you for opening your mind to new ideas and concepts. I Love You, ♥ :~)

Today I am grateful asking my friend about how she feels about death and her answer was she is not scared as she knows a woman who has died and been revived 4 times and that lady told my friend that the light is a beautiful busy place that is safe, for getting to sing with the Threshold Choir at my friends celebration of life last night (it felt great to sing and imagine my friend Will listening from beyond, and for making my sign this weekend for the Defend Our Coast rally this Monday in support of responsible environment decisions (as my sign will be positive and say “I burn 100% bio-diesel because I am the change I want to see in the world”). Thank you for this time you share with me. Thank you for being the perfect you. I Love You. ♥ :~) “Always remember that the only thing that changes the world are small groups of committed people” Margaret Mead

An image in black and white of two birds looking at the black water of the sea effected by BP's Oil Spill

Loving life and all the things humans do in the experiment called life. :~)