Motivation Monday Having Pride In Our Work

When we put thought into the work we do we have a sense of accomplishment. Success comes from feeling good about what we do. So please take pride in all you do, even if you are just cleaning the loo. It feels rewarding to care about what we do for a living. May you find a way to enjoy all that you do. Blessings, I Love YOU! ❤ :~)



Figuring Out Who To Trust

Learning to read people by paying attention to their actions and words empowers my confidence. It is fun to listen to the the emotion behind the words spoken. ❤ :~)


Getting Along With Loved Ones

My life is better when it is possible for me to get along with the the people I love. By being exercising my muscles of patience my relationships get stronger. Please exercise your muscles of patience and see what happens. Thank you for being here today. :~)

Creating Gratitude Daily

Focusing on gratitude creates happiness in our hearts. What are you grateful for today. Blessings, I Love YOU! :~) ❤


One Of My Dreams Is Coming True

It is exciting that one of my dreams is coming true. Just before Christmas Island Woman Against Violence contacted me. Three of the consulars read books that I had dropped off over a year ago and the shelter wants each person who leaves the shelter to have a copy of my book. So I get to go and speak to all the consulars on Thursday Feb. 21st and see how many copies of my book IWAV needs! Woo HOO! :~) Keep your fingers crossed for me. Blessings, I Love YOU! :~)


Sexy Sunday Tips For Better Orgasms

Building self confidence is a great way to have better orgasms. Repeat affirmations that remind me what an awesome body the Univer get to borrow. I am sexy. I am beautiful! I am sensual. I am worthy of being appreciated. I nourish myself by asking for my sexual needs to be met. I spend time thinking about what are my sexual needs. LOL LOL LOL :~)

Making sure my sexy bits are well moisturized is another way to make sure the sexual experiences I have are comfortable, enjoyable and satisfying. May you courageously explore what make you tingly. Blessings, I Love YOU. :~) ❤


Befriending Myself

Befriending myself for me and hopefully for you is about learning to trust my judgement, my emotions and my decisions. The best way for me to befriend myself is to listen to my heart’s intuitive wisdom and keep my word to myself. Keeping myself accountable to do what my mouth commits me to do, gifts me with a sense of accomplishment.

I love when my heart feels the satisfaction of a job well done. What gifts you with a feeling of satisfaction? Thanks of joining me today. Blessings,


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