Affirmation, Gratitude and Sunrise

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here to value my wise heart and my emotions) was gifted with a heart that sustains my body and connects me to my emotions. My emotions are my powerhouse. My emotions are my friends that communicate important information to me each time I pay attention to the sensations my emotions create in every cell of my being. When my emotions are communicating a feeling of safety and security to me, I take notice of what is happening around me. It is then that I notice I am being listened to or that someone or something is creating in my heart a feeling of being cared for. It is up to me to take responsibility for my happiness. I feel empowered when I am present to the emotions I am exuding each moment of the day. Thank you for listening to your wise emotions. Thank you for sharing a moment of your day with me. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of sunrise in Ladysmith, BC with fir trees in the foreground and the Salish Sea in the Background.

Thank you to /tag/ladysmith-bc/ for this stunning sunrise of Ladysmith. ❤ :~)

Today I am grateful for the rain we got on Saturday during the Duncan Farmers Market, there were not as many shoppers at the market but the forest, rivers and animals sure needed the drink of water the rain provided, for the stunning sunrise I am getting to witness right now in Ladysmith, BC, the sunrise is a gift I receive each morning and for taking the steps necessary to get my book to reach an audience worth writing it for, calling bookstores and domestic violence programs to see how I can best be of service. Thank you for being grateful for some aspect of your life today. Thank you for exploring gratitude today. I Love YOU. :~)

an image with two bright red hearts, a gradiated background with the colors of goldy orange to white to a light bluish gray and the words that read Listen to your then there is an image of a heart.

Listening to my heart helps me feel calm. Thank you for the image.



Affirmation, Gratitude and Paying Attention

Here is Vlog #56 that goes with today’s Blog may you feel joy, laughter or just a little bit more hopeful.

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert your name here if you are willing to pay attention) choose to pay attention to what I am doing, when I am doing it. I shall do my best to stay present, focused on the task at hand. It is within my ability to keep my mind on what I am thinking and feeling, so that when I open my mouth to speak, the words reveal my true nature of being compassionate. I pay attention to my emotions, since my emotions are energy, it is my plan to direct my emotional energy with forethought so that my emotions are under my wise counsel. When I pay attention to what I need, my entire being feels acknowledged and whole. I value my needs as if they were the needs of a child and put me first so that I feel paid attention to. I feel loved unconditionally when I listen to and acknowledge my needs. Thank you for meeting your needs today. Thank you for being here with me today. I Love YOU. :~)

an image of a person walking with a dog and the person mind is full to too many thoughts while his friend the dog has no thought or is representing being mindful

I love it when I am mindful!

Today I am grateful for all the wonderful friendships that I have in the 3 dimensional world, as well as the online world, since there are people who I get to connect to easier because of the Facebook Chat that I may not get to connect with other wise and it helps to stay connected to old friends too, for being able to enjoy being alone as for much of my life I was uncomfortable when I was alone, now I totally enjoy my quiet alone time as if it was a raging kegger and for my ability to follow my heart, even if my head thinks my heart is crazy, experience has taught me that my heart is smater, wiser and also started to beat in my chest before I even had a brain. I would love to hear what you are grateful for today? Thank you for being here on earth with me today. Thank you for listening to your wise heart. I Love You. :~)


Affirmation, Gratitude and Enameling On Glass

Here is my vlog about what there is to be grateful for in my life and an affirmation written by me to help us stay focused on what we can do.  :~)

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) take time today to appreciate all that I have accomplished so far. I have decided to approve of all of my choices up to this date, as I have at least learned some lessons from each decision my heart made. My soul incarnated to learn, the best way I have found to learn, is to take actions that put me in new situations, that require me to learn new skills, in order to thrive in my new setting. By challenging myself to learn to build a web site, play the piano or manage my mind, I am increasing my chances of becoming a person who can really bring cheer to the planet. My emotional well being is in my capable hands because I am the one who decides what I think about and what I think about helps to create my emotional state. I focus on keeping my mind thinking about what I can do and my emotions focused on an attitude of gratitude then I feel competent. Thank you for joining me in self appreciation today. Thank you for approving of you. I Love You.  :~)

an image of cartoon children learning in different ways Visually, Auditory, Verbal, Kinesthetic, Logical, Socially, Solitary,

Learning through listening and doing are the two best ways I have found to learn. What is the best way for you to learn?

Today I am grateful for my brother Tim Sorensen for taking a photo of a piece of enameling on glass I did in 1990 (with my grandma Ruth Virgil’s mentorship, all the arts supplies came from my grandma’s stash of glass enameling goodies), for the memories that seeing my glass work brought to my heart, my love of affirmations, the smell of the gold luster burning off and whatever else burned up in the firing process, the time I spent sitting in my grandma’s kitchen doing the art, (at the time I created this piece my age was 26) the discussions my grandma and I had while we made art together and the feeling of accomplishment when a finished piece of glass came out of the kiln and for the warm tingle of appreciation that came over my entire body when I saw the image of my art posted by my brother on my facebook page, Gratitude Dance. Thank you for the time you were here today. Thank you for appreciating your work today. I Love YOU.  :~)

an image of a piece of enameling on glass art work created by me Stephanie Cerins on the piece of glass is a butterfly that is light blue, lavender, purple, pink, with a gold outline, then above the butterfly are the words written in gold I Am A Child Of God. I Have Love, Prosperity, Serenity and Health. the artist signed with her intials SLS in the year 1990

Creating this piece of art 26 years ago with a butterfly and an affirmation reminds me of my commitment to cheering up myself and others.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Responding

Here is today’s vlog about what I am grateful for and an affirmation to remind us to be compassionate with ourselves

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) choose to witness my emotions as if they were the emotions of my best friend. My goal is to be able to respond to the situations and people in my life from a point of being calm and present. At the times when I am able to stay aware of my body’s, breathing rate, heart rate and how my stomach feels are the times that I feel connected to my heart and Universal Unconditional Love. When my stomach starts to clench, or my nerves begin to wrench it is then time for me to retch up my fear, allowing my being to examine the anxiousness for illusion that it is. The next step is loving and accepting the illusion of fear with an open heart, welcoming the scared part of me as something just as sacred as the faithful part of me. When I embrace the emotions that frighten me as well as the ones that heighten my earthly experience my being resonates with serenity. Thank you for being a part of my day today. Thank you for embracing all of your emotions with compassion. I Love YOU. :~)

an image with 35 faces displaying 35 different emotional states from Happy to Prudish

When I befriend my emotions I feel connected to my heart and head at the same time. :~)

Today I am grateful for having a dry spot to hang out on this very rainy Friday as we are getting all the rain the weather report promised, for my eyes as when I awoke this morning there was a light that flashed so brilliantly that I saw the light while my eyes were still closed, then I heard a car screech its brakes so I thought the light came from the car headlights, then I heard the thunder so right away I realized I had seen lightening with my eyes closed, cool and for getting to make some squash soup from a big bluish green squash, that I shall enhance with homemade chicken broth, green chilies, onions, celery and what ever else that is in the fridge that will make it even yummier, making soup improv style with no recipe is my favourite way to make soup. Thank you for joining me in creating joy today. Thank you for nourishing your body with healing wholesome foods. I Love YOU.  :~)

an image of lightening striking with two bolts at the same time on a gray cloudy day.

Lightening is stunning if far away and frightening if 500 feet away as I experienced a lightening strike in Cedar Crest, NM.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Nourishment

Here is today’s vlog about what I am grateful for and my affirmation for creating a giggle in your wiggle. May your day be filled with lightheartedness


Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) love to nourish my body by preparing food that enriches my earthly experience. I have learned through trial and error what is best for my body, which is a high fat, protein, lots of green vegetables, water and a few different types of herbal teas. It is empowering for me realize that I can totally change my physical health, by changing what I nourish my body temple with. I choose to eat a 100% organic diet, with a focus on local food that comes from farms where I know the farmers personally, have witnessed the food growing and am able to ask what day the food was harvested on. If I eat wheat or other grains I get eczema on my hands, that makes my hands look scaly and bright red, when I drink pasteurized milk my stomach gets eczema and when I eat a grain free diet my skin is smooth as silk. So I do my best to drink coconut milk, eat a bit of raw milk cheese as that is the easiest for me to digest and for a treat have some homemade bone broth.  Thank you for nourishing yourself today.I Love you. :~)

an image of an Adams Peanut Butter jar full of homemade chicken stock made by me. The jar of the lid is blue, there is parchment paper covering the top of the jar between the jar and lid to keep the soup its freshest.

The image is of some chicken broth that I made from scratch. :~) #ilovetocook

Today I am grateful for my practice in listening to my body so that when I am frustrated, my body is able to communicate to me through tightening my stomach, clenching my jaws or even growing a breast lump (as I have fibroids, lumpy non cancerous tissue, my body grew lumps in my left breast because I ignored myself for so long, to communicate to me my body was tired of being hit, because I had put up with my x-husband who use to slap me as a way of communicating his frustration), for my ability to evaluate what my body is telling me so that my actions and words will be in alignment with my body, mind, heart and spirit and for getting to share a session of Reiki with Robert Cerins mom Vija while she read to us from a childrens book written in Latvian then she translated the meaning of the children’s story, it was a lovely way to start our Thanksgiving with Robert’s parents. Thank you for the time you were here today. Thank you for listening to your wise body.  :~)

an image of an ear with a hand behind it to show that listening is important.

One of the best feelings is listening to my body. :~)




Affirmation, Gratitude and A Sore Back

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) promise my body that I will start stretching and exercising five days a week from now on. The past few months have been busy and I let my physical health routine slid so now I am laying in the bed paying the price of not doing what I know is best for me to do. I love when my body feels strong and invigorated. I allow myself the time to exercise. I encourage myself with supportive words that spur me on to care for my sacred body temple. My thoughts are my greatest cheerleaders when I use my thoughts to bolster my resolve I feel motivated. When I feel motivated my body gets on the floor gently elongating my muscles with classic stretching moves. My muscles respond with suppleness and flexibility allowing me to move effortlessly. It empowers my heart that it is in my power to help my body thrive.  Thank you for nurturing your body today, it will thank you with good health.  :~)

an image of a black cat stretching in a circle

Animals teach us to stretch every day, may I have learned my lesson to stretch for my health the way the animals intuitively do. :~)

Today I am grateful for all the backaches I have had before yesterday because yesterday morning I lifted an 18 litre bottle of water the first thing in the morning (something I do all the time lifting the bottle, usually not in the morning) and before I knew it my back was super sore and I spent all of yesterday laying in the bed, (the most frustrating part of the whole event was that I had told myself to go and get the water, the night before as my body is more ready for lifting in the night than in the early morning, but did I listen to me? NO! I waited until morning and am now paying for not listening to my inner voice) for knowing that stretching the muscles in my back when it is sore helps to relieve the soreness so that I am able to walk rigidly around the house and to the car so far today, Gratitude Dance and for Robert Cerins taking care of me yesterday and today while I have been wobbling around the house, laying like a lump in the bed generally being really chilled out all day. Thank you for joining me today. Thank you for listening to your body. I Love YOU.  :~)

an image of a lady with a red shirt on and beige pants holding the small of her back because it is sore

Sometimes my body has to remind me to care for it through using the old technique of creating pain so I will soothe myself.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Self Trust

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) develop my self worth today by doing what I said I would do, so that I am able to trust myself. It is up to me to build a trusting relationship with me, as when I trust me my entire being exudes a vibration of trust. The best way I have found to trust me is by listening to my inner voice and acting on what my voice communicates to me. I remember an occasion when I was asked at a dance “Where Have You Been” and my inner voice said to me look out for that guy as he is not the marrying kind then a few years later we met again at a dance he asked me out, I heard he had cancer and I thought he is an important man in the music scene in the town I lived in so I felt I could help him. We started dating he asked me to move in, I did move in helped him through his cancer process then he said to me after his last round of chemo that he was not in love with me. So I thought about that for a week or so and then we went to a hot spring, had lunch and on the way home I asked him so a few days ago you said you did not love me? So I said “When you said you did not love me does that mean a) you do not love me because you went through a cancer treatment and now you want to try to have a relationship or b) you do not love me and would like me to go away now? He did not say anything so I moved out as soon as I found a new home and thought to myself WOW you were right he was not the marrying kind. That even helped me to trust my intuition a bit more. I love listening to my intuition as then I can trust me. Thank you for sharing a bit of your day with me. I Love YOU. :~)

an image with a white background and red words that read "Trust is possible only if first you trust in yourself. The most fundamental thing has to happen within you first. If you trust in yourself you can trust in me, you can trust in people, you can trust in existence. But if you don't trust in yourself them no toher trust is ever possible. Osho

I am grateful that I now know what I am willing to do and what I am not willing to do. I have given myself permission to only do actions that bring me a feeling of gratitude. :~)

Today I am grateful for my ears as they heard the neighbour taking out their recycling which reminded me to jump into action this morning to get our recycling out, woo hoo my first good deed of the day done, for The Duncan Farmers Market as last weekend on top of selling earrings, two lovely friends stopped by my booth needing some relaxation, so I shared a healing session right behind my booth while Robert Cerins took care of the earring customers allowing me to relieve Karen Husted of the migraine and then Asrael Zemenick stopped by for a hug and looked stressed so I rubber her shoulders and then I received this post on Facebook from Asrael Zemenick Gratitude Dance

Asrael wrote “And I am grateful to you Stephanie Cerins for the gentle and nurturing shoulder massage you gave me at the market on Saturday- was divine- I felt much better Thank you!”

and for the healing session I got to share last night after a friend failed her first motorcycle riding test, she was very let down as she had not failed a test in a long time, so I rubbed her neck shoulders and upper back then when I was finished she turned around and looked years younger and more relaxed, it is fun connecting to and sharing the energy the Universe is flowing all around us all the time to people who cross my path, Thank you for the moments you spent here with me. Thank you for doing good deeds today. I Love You.  :~)

an image with a hot pink background a rose with a stem and a few rose leaves that are all off white as are the words that read Keep Calm and Do Good Deeds

Every time I do something good for someone from a sense of fullness just for the fun of helping the amount of oxytocin in my entire being goes up increasing my health.


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