Affirmation, Gratitude and Thinking

Today’s Affirmation; I, am blessed. It is within my power to make changes that improve my life. I can think before I act or speak so that I taste and feel my words before I speak them. I want my words to heal the people I love and have relationships with. It is important that when emotions run high that is when I really need to be present to what I am expressing. When I lose my temper it is important to apologize and do my best to make amends. I visualize love to fill each cell of my body which makes it easier to admit when I was upset. I make friends with all my emotions so that I feel safe. Thank you for listening to your emotions today. Thank you for being here on earth with me today. I Love YOU. ❤ :~)
an image of Winnie the pooh thinking with the word think written in white across the image

I love to think before I act, speak or consume.

Today I am grateful for Susan Murray for sharing her home with us until we get to move into the condo we are renting in Duncan, BC for the winter, we get to move in on my Birthday Nov. 18th, for my ability to split fire wood, as Susan’s home is heated by a lovely wood stove, so I have been blessed to split wood for kindling and have gotten the pleasure of building fires in a wood stove once again, like when I was a child at home, I was the fire tender, and for getting to care for Susan’s two feline friends while she is away helping her family.
What are you grateful for today? Thank you for being here on earth with me today. Thank you for being kind to yourself today. I Love YOU! ❤
an image of a person splitting wood

Splitting wood creates in my body a feeling of strength.


Affirmation, Gratitude and A Peace Rose

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here to respond to the events of my life with forethought) have a chance today to choose how I respond to the situations, people and messes in my life. In each human interaction I am a part of there is an opportunity to listen to my inner dialogue, my thoughts and my emotions. As I get better at listening to my inner chatter and the emotions that arise in the moment my state of mind grows calmer. When I slow down my responses it gives me the time I need to be present to my words before I speak them. I love to think before I act of speak. I respond to life and I feel safe. Thank you for thinking before you act or speak. Thank you for being present to your state of mind. I Love You. :~)

an image that describes the Rational Mind, the Wise Mind and the Emotional Mind

Thinking before I act or speak empowers me to speak from a state of kindness.

Today I am grateful for getting to pick apples with Sarah Wilson yesterday so that the apples from the trees in our yard get used instead of just falling to the ground, we had fun picking and talking, for having a Peace Rose bush at our new home that keeps making new roses for me to smell and for rereading through my book, editing out the mistakes that I had missed before it went to print and getting ready a big promotional push for October as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Thank you for taking time to smell the flowers in your life. Thank you for finding something to be grateful for today. I Love YOU.  ❤  :~)

an image of a peace rose that is yellow and a bit of pink at the edges of the petals

I am grateful for a nose that has the ability to smell roses and other fabulous scents.