Affirmation, Gratitude and Serendipity

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) love learning how to allow the natural state of wellness that is my essence to flow through every cell of my body. I embrace the ever changing physical universe with the excitement of an innocent child and I am fascinated once again by the wind in my hair, kittens playing in the sun and the softest and most fuzziest nose of the horse who lives under my home. So today I embrace wonder, I go out in nature to touch some water, or I lend a hand to a friend in need which always connects me to my heart. My journey today shall take me on an emotional, physical and spiritual trip that is enhanced by every person I meet, experience I have and choice I make. So I let my heart choose, intuition reign and serendipity guide me to my happiest self, and I am safe.


Today I am grateful for scheduling time to start my book of affirmations and images of Robert Cerins art, every other Thursday, so that I am able to expand on our vision of cheering up the planet, for diving deep into the innocence of my heart, so that I am able to witness the sweet innocent heart in all humans that just needs to be watered with unconditional love to flourish and for a warm dry home on a foggy costal morning, that instills a temporary feeling of safety in the physical world, while knowing in my heart that my body is only a temple, for the infinite energy that I truly am. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for exploring your innocence today. I Love You.  :~)

an abstract image of a heart surrounded by sketched feathers and held in the centre of two guitar bodies. the colours are rich umbers, to golden tans, reds, black and deep purple

A well rounded heart is filled with nature and music.


Affirmation, Gratitude and Relationships

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am only as healthy as the people I hang out with. I realize that when I surround myself with healthy, emotionally responsible and compassionate people I feel light, bright and supported. I am patient when I meet new people. I observe how the people in my life treat the friends, family members, strangers and animals that cross their paths and take note each time they are helpful, calm and kind. I spend time being a supportive community member that is known for lending a hand, an ear or a hug. I invest my love in the community in the hopes of growing flowers of compassion, heart felt connections and fill my spiritual bank account with kind hearted deeds. My goal is to be giving as the sun in the hopes of recharging the hearts of my earthly brothers and sisters inspiring them to love themselves and life itself, unconditionally. I am a stand for love.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to improve my interpersonal relationships with everyone I meet by reading self help books, practicing the techniques the books suggest and opening my heart to the people who cross my path, for getting to connect to one of my Happiness Is Healthy pilot project people last Friday afternoon, as her daughter is in hospital in Vancouver so we had a Skype call in a conference room of the hospital it was lovely to look into the eyes of my friend and her daughter and I feel even more connected to her as I write her personalized affirmations to bring her comfort during her daughter’s long hospital stay and for the opportunity I am creating of sharing my joy for living with every being I meet every moment of the day. Thank you for joining me here today. Thank you for sharing your delightful stories with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)
An image of a watercolor painting that centres on a watermelon slice sitting wave of water that is coming through the open door, it is a vibrant, whimsical and delightful painting.

Eating watermelon in the summer brings up memories of every summer. :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude and Love

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) spend this day appreciating every cell in my body taking care of my spirit. My body knows how to digest food, reproduce, heal, help and care for my every need. Any time I need to be grateful, I remember that I am a radiant spiritual being that incarnated to rejoice in being human. I am whole and complete as the day I was conceived and existed as only two cells for an instant. I am a miracle. I am consciousness incarnated to create, experience and share my story with my fellow beings. I delight in the hot and cold of life, the abundant and lean times of life, the reap and sow part of life, the helping and caring part of life and the sorrow and joy of this life. I am alive. I am connected to the source of all life through the energy that caused my heart to start when I was only 22 days in existence. I am a divine being here to love, fear and choose what I want to focus on.


Today I am grateful for the wonderful art opening at the Inspire Shawnigan Gallery where Robert’s art is on display, on Friday March 15th a wonderful all ages event where we had dancers aged 3 to 60+ years, the some food was brought by Oma’s across the street as well as a potluck of gluten free pizza, raw crackers created by Robert Cerins and desserts from the Shawnigan House coffee shop, for getting to celebrate a friends 50th birthday yesterday, first I got to help decorate in the early part of the day and then we got to eat, drink and be merry and for getting to buy kale and chard at a farm in our valley so will be eating local greens again already. Local food is the best food. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for sharing your dreams with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)

A beautifully rich red heart that brightens the room with the vibration of love.

Remember that love heals all hearts! :~)


Affirmation, Gratitude and One Red Rose

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) embrace this day as if it is my last. I savor the flavor of my food as my taste buds sense the sweet, bitter, savory, hot, or saltiness of the contents of my mouth. I delight in all is see the ocean water, the tall fir, cedar and arbutus, the animals, vegetable and minerals of this planet I call home. The friendships I have are endearing, nourishing to my soul and the reason for my life. (I am because we are, Ubuntu. I love this African belief). I have incarnated to share the love that started my heart to beat before I even had I brain. I live my life as a testimony to love just to see what happens. I share my love through my smiles, through holding the door for the people in my community, listening to you and being open to your emotional body what ever emotions you are carrying each day. Thank you for your lovely moments. Thank you for sharing your warm and emotional self with me.
Today I am grateful for Darra-Lee Poole as we are working together to promote Darra-Lee’s home staging business and Robert Cerins art business at the same time. Darra-Lee is renting a couple of Robert’s paintings to enhance her staging design of a home in Mill Bay. So Sunday Robert, Darra-Lee and I went to the real estate opening of the home she staged and then afterward we went to a walk on the beach near Mill Bay Road one of our favorite spots on the planet to celebrate our new working relationship. We went down to touch the water in the bay so we would be more grounded and I found one one beautiful long stemmed red rose just laying on the beach waiting for me to find it. It was the perfect end to the perfect home staging event. It seemed the rose signified that our joint business venture is destined for success. Gratitude Dance. Thank you for your precious moments. Thank you for sharing your kindhearted self with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)
A lady holding one long stem rose in her teeth with arms streached out wide grateful to be alive.

Thank you Universal source of love for this lovely long stemmed red rose brought to me by the ocean tides last Sunday in Mill Bay, BC. I live in a Universe that is loving and supportive. :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude and Incarnation

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) choose to keep getting up and dusting myself off after every single learning experience I partake of while on my earthly journey. I am gladdened that the earthly journey is one of trial and error, that helps me to realize that I am a perfect human, making life an adventure for my soul. I incarnated to taste love, appreciation, joy, fear, loathing, watermelon, orgasms, chocolate, blackberries, lemons, sweet cherries, shame, guilt, loneliness, frustration, community, cooperation and connectedness. To get to feel, taste, touch, smell, and listen is the reason I came to the physical reality. I want to know what truly makes our hearts beat, our lives worth living and how to leave a legacy that inspires the hearts of my earthly brothers and sisters to embrace love and gratitude. I am here to love, share my experience with you and watch your eyes light up with the inner knowing that we are all powerful spiritual beings here to share our selves with each other. Thank you for your valuable time. Thank you for sharing your precious human life with me.

Today I am grateful for listening to my body, mind and spirit so that I may live in peace with me, for the ability to acknowledge when I am tired or hungry or in need of love and acceptance (just as animals and little children show us what they need in complete knowing of their worthiness so I choose to honour my own worthiness when I am in need) and for the possibility of spending the next three evenings in song and community with loving souls that inspire my heart to soar. I love my life. Thank you for sharing your precious moments with me. Thank you for sharing your brave and tender heart with me. I Love You! ♥ :~)
 A can of soup surrounded by vegetables and love!  <3

Affirmation, Gratitude and Our New Banner

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am enjoying sharing my passion for joy, health and personal responsibility daily. I am finding that the more I write these affirmations the better I feel. I embrace my role as helper with grace and gratitude. I spend my time thinking joyful thoughts, writing kind, compassionate words, encouraging the people of my world to go the extra mile, being an example of personal responsibility and smiling at the people of my world. I choose to use my energy in constructive and cooperative ways that bring joy, love and light to our world. I have this life to contribute to the good of us all. I am a stand for forgiveness, love, patience, gratitude, bliss, and connecting to you. I am love and light and so are you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing kindhearted self with me.

P.S. Here is am image of our Happiness Is Healthy Banner! What do you think of it?

Our new banner design for our business Happiness Is Healthy the letters are black there is a happy face dotting the I in Happiness and a peace sign with two hearts.

Our new banner design for our business Happiness Is Healthy/Happiness Heals. the input of three human hearts went into this logo. :~)

Today I am grateful for my house cleaning skills as yesterday was Vija my mother-in-laws birthday so while Robert went to get his folks from the ferry I spent some time joyously cleaning their home (as Vija and Bob Cerins are kind and generous with us all the time) we then made them lunch and later in the day we went to Pipi & Bob Tustian‘s home for a joyous family dinner together. I am blessed. I am also grateful for the time we spent at Inspire Art Gallery in Shawnigan Lake where we held a lovely meditation session I felt renewed and relaxed after meditating together. We are holding space there on Monday’s from 3 to 5 pm and Tuesday Robert Cerins is there holding space from 1 to 3 for love. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your trusted self with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)

Affirmation, Gratitude and Love

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) imagine the light of love in every person I meet. Some people have a big bright love light and some are like a teeny tiny led light shining on a dark, dark night. When I join any person’s light with mine we both shine brighter. I am honoured to get to share my light with the people of my planet. It is my responsibility, my commitment to my heart to share love every where I go without thought to whether I am getting love back from where I planted it. I am like the old lady that plants trees she will never sit in the shade of I plan on planting seeds of love I see flourish as well as the love I do not see flourish knowing that everyone flourishes at just the right time. The way flowers do some flowers blossom in March, some in April, some in May, and some in December we all blossom right on time. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your soft and loving self with me.

Today I am grateful for people asking to join our Happiness Is Healthy group (I do a gratitude dance after each person that asks) and gladly accept their request and make them a member, for all the different languages on my facebook page (I love connecting with the like minded people of our world), and for being a part of the Evergreen School Children and Apple Pie Event yesterday (the children loved painting on the canvases large 50 x 60 inches and small 4 x 6 inches) children are the light of the world at every age from 1 day old to 100 years old. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your bright and loving life with me. I LOVE YOU! ♥ :~)

a lively and colourful image that is whimsical and vibrant!

This is an original painting that my husband photographed and then manipulated in Photoshop. I love it! :~)

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